Horoscope fish-tiger 2010

Love fish

From 23 September to 2 October.Love affairs continue to remain in limbo.You do not know what you want now goes all strange and unpleasant, freeing the way for a new relationship.Try not to focus on your partner and his behavior, get better is - body and soul.Suitable day for a serious conversation - September 30th.An important event can occur on October 1 projected fundamental changes in the relationship, until parting.Besides, these days there may be difficulty and in private life.From 3 to 12 October.Interesting conversation or a meeting with a partner can happen Oct. 5, just remember that it is not necessary to plan in advance, even if everything goes by itself.October 7 - a difficult day for the intimate life possible misunderstanding on this basis.October 8 - more auspicious day for love and sex, you can relax without fear of problems.October 8 and 9 put the relationship in a more sublime and spiritual direction - a step to the next step.From 13 to 23 October.October 14 - is not the b

est day, especially for intimate meetings.You and so is not easy, but your excessive emotionality can only complicate things.Sexual relations will be adjusted at the end of the decade.October 19, you risk to fall under the power of illusions, this day have to live very carefully, it is better not to schedule important things and meetings.Romantic date.Nice to meet on the banks of the river autumn - wander together, sit on a bench and listen to the lapping of the water.Proximity to nature will help to restore harmony in the relationship.

Family fish

In all that concerns family and home affairs, fortune favors you.Now you can plan things to do together with your partner.28 and 29 September spend with your family.Think about your parents, talk to them.Sept. 30, on the contrary, it is better to avoid close contact with relatives because of possible omissions and as a consequence - a quarrel.October 1 and 2, take some time to children - with the child time to talk, to play, to help him solve important problems.Starting from October 20, you can think about moving up to this day you can start to make a new city suitable.Also, it is likely that this month you will meet with distant relatives.

fish health

your health and body condition requires attention and care.The first decade of the zodiacal month in this sense the most disturbing.Can dramatically and suddenly deteriorating health and sickness tend to develop very rapidly.Avoid situations where you can get an injury, do not overload yourself and exercise.October 6-8, your restlessness may backfire in the form of injuries.Try to get rid of all sorts of affairs and relax.Product of the Month.Pilaf - now more than ever you need to back up your body with something wholesome and useful, and it is keen eastern dish contains everything you need.

Rest fish

This is a great month for long-distance, overseas travel, chances are you're lucky - so take a vacation and go on a journey.The most successful days for the trip - from September 30 to October 5, October 3 - The most "sun" day when you can and buy a ticket and go.9 and 10 October you will be able too great to relax in the company of old friends, and away from his native country.October 12 in a positive way to go, but the big cost is a concern, buy tickets and souvenirs is better to postpone for some other day.October 13-15 is good to be on the road, you can stop off at towns and villages, who just come your way.For short trips close to home fit those days, plus on 26 September.Place of power.Find uninhabited island, let it be even on land - and enjoy life!

Money Fish

September 24 your material aspirations will strongly affect emotions.Restrain yourself from impulse buying, plan ahead and do not bring large sums of money, not to spend it.Difficult day for financial affairs -12 October shopping on this day is not desirable, the transaction is also better to postpone.But in general, your financial situation is quite successful.In the workplace, you may have some problems and abnormal situations, but you will be able to cope with them, the main thing - do not panic.Buying months.Musical instrument from afar - for example, the African drum.

Luck fish

Now you want and can change your life dramatically, most importantly - to put a clear purpose and make a detailed plan of action.And follow him, leaving all doubts behind.You ever full of energy, creative forces and initiatives - do not miss your chance.

Love fish

Now it is not easy to love.You should not bother him with questions like: "Do you love me?"- It will only aggravate the situation.For it is now extremely important friendships, spiritual relationships - switches to the wave, then the contact will be installed, and you survive the hard times together.The intimate terms too, should not demand much from him - not in the mood.

Tone fish

possible depression, doubt, reduced energy, all of which can affect the health.Most importantly - keep it morally and occasionally just need to throw him the ideas associated with a healthy lifestyle.

Finance fish

month as a whole would be the best, but do not delude ourselves and to rush to invest large sums in investments.If there is a need to engage in serious projects or to engage in banking operations, it is better to act from October 8.You also need to be careful in all initiatives related to money.

Job fish

He does not have any particular problems with the work professionally, much depends on its activity and the ability to apply themselves.With regard to relations with colleagues, everything is normal, but in the first two weeks of the month there is some risk of a quarrel.A good day for collaboration and various communications - October 3rd.

Friends fish

With friends chat can and should be, but it is possible that to happen is some change in its environment.Difficult day for socializing with friends - October 7, the better to stay away from the companies, especially those which consume alcohol.

Leisure fish

The best thing you can think of - is to go to the shore of the warm sea, where you can freely swim, dive and enjoy the corals and fish.