Sleep and its importance in human life

As we fall asleep at night

the human body is going through 5-6 cycles of sleep, each of them consists of several phases.When a person falls asleep, it is the first - the transition from wakefulness to sleep, a nap.Consciousness gradually fades away, you can see fragments of daily experience.In the second phase of muscle relaxation occurs and the person falls asleep.Insomnia - is a state when we are stuck in the phase of slumber and can not really sleep.The second phase is stalled and the problem is that the body is relaxed.It seems, thought and swarming in my head.But it is not in them, but in the tension they create.The second phase is very important for a full sleep, it takes more than half of his time.

Remember all is impossible

third and fourth - the coolest stage - a deep sleep: during this period the body is completely relaxed and at rest.If you watch the sleeping, you will not see almost no movement.Finally, the fifth phase gives us a rich world of dreams.Marked by frequent movements of

the eyes, which is why it is called REM sleep phase.At this time, the highest brain activity: Recycling is the accumulated information.This phase lasts for 5 to 40 minutes, the closer the morning, the longer the period of REM sleep.Night cycle is repeated every half hour, and at night we see 5-6 again, but remember, as a rule, the latter 1-2.

What made dreams?

Son derives from experiences of the next few days.Something hurt you for a living, you might not notice it, but the mind has picked up an exciting topic.These images are settled on the border of consciousness and subconsciousness.Here accumulate relevant experiences, thoughts, impressions that have not yet forgotten.The biggest store - our personal unconscious, a deeper layer of mind.This kind of house register, which has a record of every event of life, joys and sorrows, desires and thoughts, traumas and complexes - from birth until now.Typically, this is the information that we either forget or do not realize.Recent experience cling experienced previously and connect with them in one snovidenchesky plot.

collective image

Dream is created like a rebus: the elements overlap, construct a collective image, the main are minor details.Such secrecy stems from the fact that the psyche seeks to protect human life from the traumatic episodes and all the information supplied in the form of symbols and mysteries.During the night you can see a number of different dreams with a variety of characters and stories.However, all of these paintings reflect the same theme, presenting it from different sides, and it is based on the same dramatic unit.

First Counselor emperors

Just dream book is not limited to: whole temples were built for the gods sleep.Emperors made decisions on the basis of dream book.