Horoscope for Taurus year of the tiger

Love calf

From 23 September to 2 October.These days will be very "hot" in terms of relationships.On the one hand there is a strong involvement of love.passion, on the other hand - you can periodically between "sparks slip", but this only adds sharpness and piquancy and variety of their relationship.From 3 to 12 October.3 and 4 October - auspicious days for the relationship with your partner, you can discuss controversial issues, but based on love and harmony.October 5th arrange a romantic date.From 13 to 23 October.You continue to strengthen all that has been achieved between you.Think of all the good and light, lean on it as a foundation for building the future.The old relationships will play a completely new bright colors.Romantic date.Try to go out alone in the world - where interesting and harmonious.You must surround the beauty and luster.

Family calf

Domestic business this month require patience and participation, while at the same time will not be particularly onerous.Troubles are not ex

pected, it will be easy to go on as usual.23 October avoid hassles and waste of energy.Be prepared for the fact that your children will need all your attention and financial support.Difficulties in communicating with relatives or neighbors may occur on October 1.But the 2nd situation will start to improve, it is possible to establish contact.October 3-4, useful to your family, to communicate with their parents, and the next two days devoted mainly to children.October 9-10 - auspicious days to communicate with her husband, discussing important issues of living together and building plans for the near future.

Health calf

It's time to start improving courses that enhance physical systems, compliance with regular procedures, taking vitamins and trace elements.Grasp your health - prevention is always better than cure.In many ways, your condition will depend on the emotional comfort in relationships.Exacerbations of chronic diseases should be expected on September 29 - October 2 as well as 8 and 17 October.Product of the Month.Green tea has long been transformed from an exotic drink in the everyday, and its medicinal properties known to almost everyone.It helps strengthen blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, increases good spirits.In one of the Chinese manuscripts written: 'The tea strengthens the spirit, softens the heart, removes fatigue, awakens thought and prevents settling of laziness.

Recreation calf

Rest (in the traditional sense of the word) this month, you are unlikely to have, as you expect a lot of work, and other things that will not easily lie on the couch (a favorite form of recreation for the Taurus).Nevertheless, September 24 and 25 get the opportunity to retire and relax from communicating with people - you need it.30 September and 1 October are not suitable for short trips and walks, try to spend less time in traffic.You openly breaks a long journey, and it is really necessary, but the work you can not let go.Clearance is possible in the second half of the month.Place of power.Home Library will be a place in which you fully return the lost strength.

Money calf

you work this month will be a lot.And the main task - to deal with it adequately, leaving "tails" for later.Try to September 23 not to schedule playoffs and not venturing important cases.Condition your wallet quite safely.September 28-29, go shopping, buy something that has attracted, but the 30th refuse from large purchases and shopping in general.To work the hardest day, October 7, when there is a high risk of conflict in the office, overload, misunderstanding with his superiors, colleagues and customers.The best thing - to tune in peace and emotional stability, this will help anger management and relaxation techniques.Buying months.New basic article of clothing - for example, fine shoes or boots at the same time keep an eye and a handbag in the set of shoes.

Luck calf

ability of women to be a woman and a man to be a man at all times can be difficult, but very important task of the current period for all cells.True comprehension of the advantages of your gender without claims to "laurels" or "benefits" will bring the opposite feeling of wholeness and realizovanna in dating relationships.Feeling secure the rear can create a trust relationship Taurus to the world.It should take care of its second half and do not forget that the true harmony is possible only when there are silent about the problems and solve them together.

Love calf

your dear head involved in a relationship.He did not imagine its existence without you.Support him and were together often, talk about everything that is interesting, in general, do not hesitate giving themselves to each other without reserve.

Tone calf

In general, his state of health is now good, and even better, it becomes what in his life is love.Its energy is strongly dependent on the relationship, and the more successful they are, the higher the tone.We recommend all wellness treatments can be carried out serious examination.

Finance calf

In respect of finance are all well, and although it is unlikely to be large sums, though in poverty, he will not always be exactly as much money as necessary to life and development.September 30 is not necessary to take any cases.

Jobs calf

work he will be very much and it is only the beginning.The most important thing - to an abundance of cases did not affect his health, have an eye on the regime and diet.At work can be prolonged difficult situations, there may be conflicts with management and senior colleagues.

Friends calf

Now we need to be very careful in dealing with friends, especially with the new friends he knows even bad.Not excluded illusion, self-deception in the relations of friendship.However, some friends will be able to take part in its progress up the career ladder.

Leisure calf

He really wants to go to a faraway trip.But it is not so easy to throw things to do.If, however, will be "window", then you can begin the journey on October 13-14.In the remaining days he will work hard.September 24-25, it is useful to carry out alone.

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