Horoscope 2010 for Libra

Love weights

From 23 September to 2 October.This month, you will pay more attention to himself than to a partner, and it is, of course, can create difficulties in the relationship.The most difficult period - from September 26 until the end of the decade, when it will seem that your plans are implemented in a relationship slowly and fully.September 24 may have spat on emotional grounds.September 25th, you can try to talk heart to heart, to soften the contradictions.From 3 to 12 October.Until 5 October can still be difficult, but after conflicts will gradually weaken.Emotionally difficult day - October 7, try to resist the impulsive words, do not be offended in vain, the reason is in you, not a partner.To love life these days are neutral.From 13 to 23 October.October 16 you will be able to finally solve all their internal conflicts, to find support in itself, and this is the best day for a romantic encounter - use it.The next day, too bad, but not excluded brief spat on the ground material.October 21

did not lead a serious discussion on a joint life, rights and responsibilities - transfer unpleasant conversation at least the next day.October 23 - a perfect day for a romantic encounter and intimacy.Romantic date.Take the initiative in the hands of the elect - ask him to arrange a surprise for you.Plans to build better not, let it be continuous improvisation.

Family weights

Now it is important to finish all the housework on time, and not procrastinate.September 24 could be exacerbated marital conflict, it is better not to plan for these days serious joint business or important conversations.In the period from September 25 to October 5, housework will occupy a significant part of your life.You may have to make important decisions about their homes and families, to solve urgent problems.October 14 - emotionally difficult day, you should not start an important conversation with his parents.15th environment has become easier - plan joint family holiday.October 16 and 17, pay attention to the children.

Health weights

state of health will require close attention and care.So that the loans themselves.Enroll finally a massage, sauna or other relaxing treatments.It energize you and help you forget about the urgent cares and worries.It is also important to learn to keep your balance and keep emotions under control, do not succumb to sudden outbursts of anger, because they can cause exacerbation of chronic diseases.Product of the Month.A glass of cranberry juice in the morning is a perfect prophylactic against colds autumn.

Rest weights

Fortune favors you on a long journey, especially if they are made in order to expand their horizons, enhance spiritual development, exploring the traditions and culture of other countries.Good days to start a trip - 28 and 29 September.Sept. 30, on the contrary, it is not necessary to hit the road.After October 5 cases involving foreign vacation, you will come to the fore.5 and 6 October useful to privacy, gather strength, do relaxation and meditation.And then the remaining days of the month will be successful.October 16 and 17 - it's time to go out, public events will bring you a lot of pleasure and joy.Place of power.October-month opening of the theater season, think in advance about tickets to the premiere.After the performance, you feel truly revitalized.A new experience to inspire your own creative endeavors and achievements.

Money weights

This month you expect a financial success, and an important role was played by your spouse or business partner.The most successful days, from September 30 to October 5, at this time you can make large bets to make important purchases.At work, there may be various difficulties, try to treat everyone with a sense of humor as a time game.Now is not the best time for professional development, but finances will not be affected.October 19, avoid overload and do not conflict with colleagues.Buying months.Washing machine, faithful assistant in domestic affairs.

Luck weights

Focus on results, the desire to realize their ideas from the world of dreams a reality and a willingness to work for it - will ensure all your personal and financial success.In addition, the activity and work will not only help to implement his plan, but will be the best immunity from ailments.However, after October 14 it will need to make a little more effort to achieve the best of luck.

Love weights

Now you elect needs a spiritual contact with you - it's time to really be interested in his inner world.Although it will be difficult to prove because of internal obstacles and doubts, however on a spiritual level, he will be able to create for you a real fairy tale.

Tone scales

Pay close attention to his health - it's time to adjust the mode of the day, food, give serious attention to the eradication of all bad habits.His energy is running out, so to overload at work and in other spheres of life it is necessary to forget.Take care of his emotional state.

Finance weights

In the material aspect of his all will develop favorably.Success can be accompanied when dealing with bank deposits.The best time for this - from September 30 to October 4.

Jobs weights

workflow require a maximum of patience, endurance and ability to maneuver in complex relationships with managers and colleagues.Responsible Day - October 19 is not worth venturing global projects, and the simple things better move.The routine may be flooded, the only solution - wait.


balance in its relations with all the friends and is totally dependent on him - on his personal desires, plans and aspirations.It is possible that communication with one or two friends to help define a strategy to further its own development.

Leisure weights

will be good if he could go on a long trip.You can start the journey on September 28-29.Try to think about the program in advance - to pick up, buy guide books, meet with the basics of culture and religion, read about the local customs.