Horoscope for next year to Lion

year will be interesting and creative.Be active, declares itself, to create.If you have children, since April Give them as much as possible.If not, it's time to think about procreation.Socializing with friends, noisy companies and interesting conversations - everything is wonderful, but now it has to take a back seat.The year also will be associated with travel, particularly beneficial for this first half.Travel must necessarily be romantic, but it should be very careful to execute documents.The second half of the year will be critical for your social status.Since August, you will feel uplifted.


If in the first two months of the year you have too much time will be given to the work, that since March, you can come to grips with his personal life.Fall in love and enjoy a pleasant meeting.In intimate relationships difficult streak ended, and since April, you will feel more relaxed and happy.Until June you can expect acquaintance with a man from another city or country (for example, a meeting wi

ll take place in the journey, and he will visit your city).The solar eclipse of November 25 could bring you a lot of love, which becomes your destiny, do not be afraid, the success will be waiting for you.And if you already have a partner in life, the relationship with him will develop harmoniously, should be given proper sexual relations, and daily communication on topics of interest to both of you.Make it a rule every weekend going to the cinema, theater and concerts.The more time you devote to each other, the stronger will ignite the senses.

Job & Career

Beginning in mid-June in your career will manifest positive changes.You must wait for promotion, your credibility will be recognized by the leadership and colleagues.In the first half of the year is possible, for example, go through additional training to obtain the necessary certificates to improve the knowledge of foreign languages.With all this baggage, you'll easily have a conversation with your boss or successfully pass an interview to a new location in a large company.

This year, you'll set up quite romantic, so creative ideas that you are carrying a long time already, get a chance to become a reality.Enjoy a celebration of life, spend more time among interesting people, and do not be afraid to get into the limelight - this is for you the most suitable place.The best time for creativity lions - the end of November and beginning of December.


Love and dating will become an integral part of your life this year.Choose the "lion" style of courtship - flowers, gentle words, restaurants, theater.The lady of your heart will appreciate your efforts, and most importantly - you will feel a surge of energy and optimism.In a relationship you also need spiritual closeness.The most interesting love affairs lions await you in the late autumn.

Job & Career

In the first half of the year need to raise the level of professionalism at the first opportunity to send an internship abroad.Now it is a must, since the summer until the end of the year you will have to work closely on career issues.And I must say, it's easy to get you - it is always a pleasure to grow, especially if you are engaged in favorite business.At the beginning of the year an important event occurs associated with the work - you finally decide to what I want to, and you can get a long-awaited job.In summer and autumn you deserve the recognition and management were promoted.

Compass luck

Be creative, try and win!The success of the likes of strong, give him a chance to help you, too.

finest hour

most successful month for the successful take-off and social - in June, and the second wave of good luck to come in November.The main condition - full of creative self-revelation and faith in their abilities.

friends and colleagues

This year, do not expect the emergence of new friends - on the contrary, all non-serious relationships stop, and next to you there will be only the most loyal and reliable people.


joy from the fact that you live fully, a sense of strength and self-empowerment, a sense of humor and the ability to find the positive in even the grim situation - the path to success.


first half of the year for travel, particularly opportune time - from January to March.We recommend to carry out long-planned trip to another continent.

vitality, success, health

help strengthen health and develop a winter holiday system of healing, which you will follow throughout the year.January 4, the day of the solar eclipse well to get rid of bad habits.

Compass luck

Be creative, try and win!The success of the likes of strong, give him a chance to help you, too.