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Arches in the interior of the house

use of arches in the interior allows you to divide the space in the room or, alternatively, to combine different areas, they are able to replace the door.

What form arches choose?The answer to this question can only give your imagination, the arch can be placed in the most unexpected place.In professional terminology arches are divided into two main types.

The first type includes "passive" arch.The shape, decoration and construction of such arches are simple and laconic, arch has the correct traditional shape of an arc.

The second type is "active" arches - they hit a variety of forms.In outline form arches distinguish keeled, pointed, horseshoe, creeping, semicircular, Korobov and others.

most common types of arches to date are:

  • «classic» - this type includes an arch with the right radius;
  • «modern» - in the performance of the arc de Triomphe present rise;
  • «romance» - middle part of the arch is done directly, but its edges are rounded to the desired radius;
  • «ellipsoidal" - arc arches carried
    out in the form of right or wrong of the ellipse.

using active arches in the interior makes it possible to combine the wall are in different spaces and walls that have different shapes.With the arch you can combine wall having a rounded shape, with a straight wall;the wall was not on the same straight line, and even the walls with different thickness and height.Using some architectural tricks, you can turn the arch to a separate piece of furniture.The piers arches can be built spotlights, shelves for storing books, figurines and other souvenirs from the arch between the kitchen and the dining room can be the bar.

Successful use of arches in the building of walls visually expand the space of the room.To achieve this optical illusion, entrance to the arch must be made narrower than the output.

use of arched openings in different rooms

corridors and halls.Arch will allow to bring elegance and excellent flow defuse the monotony of the room.To improve the visual perspective of the hall will allow Arch overlooks the adjoining rooms: living room, dining room.If over the rectangular front door you add through arched doorway - that make it a model of high classics.

Kitchen, living room, dining room.Through the use of arches house achieved a feeling of spaciousness.Arched openings allow the smooth transfer of the view from the kitchen into the dining area, a living room in the dining room or kitchen.However, it is worth noting that the wider the arched doorway you use, the more attention should be paid to the harmony of colors and styles of neighboring buildings.

Loggia.Very often during overhaul apartments loggia attached to the room, but when removing the wall is massive beam that makes it impossible to fully enjoy the feeling of spaciousness.But you can easily turn this beam itself, which, in any case, can not be removed, based on the spectacular arches.

arch alcove.Use alcoves began in the French boudoirs, the French lady felt very refined location of the bed or the bathroom in the alcove.On Arabsom East with them separated cozy corners, located in different zones of the house.

Pick up the arch should be based on the style, which made the design of your house or apartment.


Classic arch came to us from the interiors of palaces and castles.Regardless of the height of their location: the portal, which is supported by columns, an element or a full set of arch - they have a more solid and more often and more massive appearance than any other archways.The design uses elements of classical arches, came from the ancient architecture and keystones, welcome, come from the Baroque era.Arch in this style often has the correct radius of the arc.


Finishing with stone and wood - that's the defining element that distinguishes the arches in the style of country music.The most common form of the opening is borrowed from the classics, with the exception of overly pretentious details.Using this method, it can be designed as an open arched openings and the outer openings of the interior doors.


Art Nouveau or Art Nouveau is characterized by quirkiness lines that resemble the curves of plants, asymmetric and dynamic.Arches in this style are "active".If you want to use in the interior of the house of this type of arch - be sure to consider the amount of space.In this room too small arch may be overkill and reload space.Plaster stucco or wood is perfect for performing a curved arch linings, and for the constructive elements used drywall.

Rococo use ellipsoidal arches

In modern design and widely used non-standard forms of arches, such as poluarka or arch in the shape of a semicircle.


in terms of lack of space is often the only solution for the door opening is chamfered opening having a rounded shape or, more simply, poluarka.But to use poluarku interior house or apartment can be much bigger.The main difference from a normal arch is asymmetrical this design.

circular arch

This type of arch is the most dynamic.This ultra-modern interior solution, which will stress the originality of your personality.Greater effect can be achieved if a complement arched doorway spotlights or even curtains.

As can be seen, the lack of species diversity arches there.So you have a wide field for creativity to make your home bright, cozy and comfortable.

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