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Interior for a small bath

How to choose a plumber for a small bath?

First of all, when planning a small room a bathroom should think about the necessity of the bath in it.After all, in order to save space, and a bath can not be installed.In place of the bath can be installed shower bath or shower.Choosing the right size of the booth, you can save a lot of space.A cross between a cabin and a bathroom shower box.It is, of course, a large shower stall, but, nevertheless, less than a bath.There is another convenient option - a shower niche with a sealed door.

Ate you still want to remain bath, you can leave it, but you will need to choose its irregular shape or small size, with an average of 150 to 120 cm. You can install it in the corner and save moneyas well as adjust the space bathroom.Thus you can place anything else in free space.

Which is better to choose a toilet?

Anything come up with the toilet difficult, because in a joint bathroom not do without it, but in a small bathroom is unlikely to succeed to install a bidet

.So if you want to have this thing, you better choose a toilet, also serves as a bidet.

sink Selects

limited to a single sink, you'll also save space in your small bathroom.If you install a mini-sink, you can save a lot of space.Choosing the hinged shell, you can increase the space bathroom.A novelty is the market plumbing sink above the washing machine.This is the best option for small bathrooms.The shell of the washer can put the washing machine, even in the smallest bathroom.

interior for a small bathroom: selection of furniture

placement of furniture in the bathroom is also problematic because it takes up too much space.Therefore, in the case of a small bathroom is better to use a minimum of furniture.

The best option would be if, instead of cabinets for bath accessories, cosmetics and household chemicals hang open shelves on the walls.Hang a single horizontal shelf or place some on the perimeter of the bathroom near the ceiling.The horizontal shelf allow visually push the wall.And if you hang a vertical glass shelf, it will make the room above.

The bathroom with small dimensions need to make maximum use of all the angles.Save space and fit perfectly into the interior of the bath corner shelves, however, as the rest of the corner fittings, which is suitable for storing many things.

How to expand the space of the bathroom by using design techniques?

choose the optimal sanitary ware and furniture, you can use optical techniques expanding bathroom space.

1. tile finishes.

visually expand the space will tile small format.If vyklast tiles lengthwise or make a mosaic cladding panels, it will create the same effect.

2. Lighting.

If you set the daylight, the bathroom will appear larger.The window in the bathroom (if any) can hang a light transparent curtain, allowing the natural light.If there is no window, fluorescent lights and spotlights for more lighting bathroom.

3. Mirrors.

optically expand the space can be mirrored door shelves and cabinets as well as hinged mirror, especially if they are to place in the corners of the bathroom.

properly planned design of the bathroom and toilet, the use of photographs of finished design projects - this is probably the two main things that are needed for a project of your own bathroom.A bit of lateral thinking and the imagination will transform your little cramped bathroom in a beautiful, neat and cozy bathroom.

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