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Natural stone: Interior

What is Natural Stone?

Natural stone - Natural stone.In the old days it was not necessary to buy, as it occurs everywhere.This has made it simple and cheap.Now he is appreciated for its beauty and environmental cleanliness.Among the artificial surfacing materials it is impossible to find even competitors in terms of visual appeal.It is to this quality to attract more attention from designers, showing how natural stone interior changes.

classic style and natural stone

Classic style is always different rigor and using natural materials.Of course, natural stone quickly found its application in it.Now it is widely used by designers, so easily described on the basis of various examples of projects.

You can start to pay attention to the kitchen.It regularly mounted heavy countertop, perfectly fit into the surrounding interior.In addition, sometimes the designers prefer to finish and stone floors.This solution offers spectacular beauty, however, creates some risk.Wet the surface of the slides.Because

of this, we have to use mats or something similar.

If you look at any living room, one can see the potential widespread use of natural stone.Natural material creates a wonderful atmosphere in the bedroom or living room.To improve the interior finish is enough to place the walls, which becomes a decoration.With the right lighting environment filled with splendor, based on the severity of the environmental and for peace of mind.

Ecological style and natural stone.

use of natural materials in the ecological style - a mandatory part of the masters.When you create a project, they try to use exclusively natural finish.Designer is easy to perform such tasks, combining wood, stone and plants.

In the living room the simplest and most widely used method of using natural stone - molding frames or ornaments on the walls.An example is the interior of the apartment in which to create a better situation on the wall hung TV.He seemed to be recessed into a neat box, make you forget about its technological nature.

In addition, in the living room, furnished in ecological style, natural stone is often used as the primary wall covering.Suppose that for this we have to use an additional heating and lighting of the room, however, the result of too much fascinates the landlord.

Style hi - tech and natural stone

have been described different styles of interior design, found in many homes.They are natural stone fits easily, but if you pay attention to hi-tech, people find it difficult right place.

in hi-tech style only modern synthetic materials and a lot of equipment.Because of this natural stone is not always used in the projects.However, the kitchen is still mounted heavy worktop, which plays an important role in supporting the environment.

in living rooms as well as possible to meet small "specks of nature."The first is the original decor.Here the stone to create a "island" unique decoration.Although the designer will have to try in order to maintain the basic style.In addition, you can use it to create additional finishing of doors and windows.For example, marble certainly ideal for the cold light style hi-tech.

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