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Bedroom country-style

bedroom country style

country faithful friend - a squat bed of pine, and if you like the graceful wrought iron beds, it is also very good.In the corner is a cozy armchair, which makes the bedroom a place where you can always easily read.Wardrobes here do not rely so you can pick up a set of independent furniture.Pick a squat chest of drawers, which put a rotating mirror.Add authoritative wardrobe with 3 doors.It remains to put upholstered pine box or chest for clothes, put it in the bottom of the bed and on the floor, place a cotton mat pretty.

Bedroom Furniture

  • iron or wooden bed with pillows.
  • wardrobe or closet.
  • Carpets with natural texture.
  • pine or wicker box for clothes at the feet of the bed.
  • wool blankets.
  • folding screen.

style bedrooms

This style is beautiful, simple and at the same time perfect.But most welcome in this style simplicity, there is no luxury and carved headboard, only "rustic" and concise details of which are present in the bedroom.When making a country style i

n the design of the bedroom mainly dominated by natural materials.When choosing the style of country music as the basis of the central elements of the interior bedrooms are chests of drawers, wardrobe, wooden beds.This style does not welcome synthetic materials, a variety of decorative elements that highlight the elegance of the interior, the cold shine of metal.


walls in the bedroom country glue textile wallpapers that mimic linen, cotton and natural fabrics that are inherent in the "village" style, a more expensive option would be if the walls in the bedroom sheathe tree.


floor in the bedroom, which is decorated in the style of the country, must be wooden.And as decor can be used woven or handmade carpet mats from strips of fabric, crocheted, homespun rug, mats of various sizes, which are made from plant fibers.

Wicker furniture

colorful piece in the style of country music can be woven furniture - tables and chairs.The room must be wicker chests and baskets of different sizes, which can store clothes and ending with a basket of accessories for sewing.Furniture should be on the principle that the simpler, the better, without any frills.The furniture made of carved decoration is allowed.

color scheme is chosen close to nature: the green, the color of natural wood, muted yellow.Also suitable terracotta and deep blue color of the selected design.

largely a bedroom in rustic style, and her mood is created weightless curtains or blinds rough texture, variety of pillows, textile items, decorated with flowers.

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