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Potted plants: palm Iscariot

It's quite original group of palm trees, which is not similar to another generation, it is the only one of its kind.The leaves of this group of palms bipinnate difficult dissected, have an unusual form of feathers, the tip of which is asymmetric, obliquely, wedge-shaped, truncated, uneven "vygryzennaya."Feathers leaves resemble fish fins, so the plant sometimes called "fish tail palm."

plants of the genus Iscariot - a Single-barrel and multistemmed trees.The leaves of these trees are large, toothed, dvoyakoperistye, grow to a length of 3-5 m. The shares have leaves irregularly triangular shape, similar to the fins of the fish on top of uneven torn edges.The stalk downward slightly rounded;the vagina has a fibrous edge.Inflorescence plants - branched spadix.

This type of monoecious plants: flowers sessile, same-sex between two male flowers located one female flower with sterile stamens.

Blossoms Iscariot highly unusual.The inflorescences have numerous large axillary drooping branches (resembling a hor

se's tail clipped) that develop from the top to the bottom of the crown.First inflorescences appear in the axils of the uppermost leaves.Then the bloom area gradually descends.Blossoms Iscariot 5-7 years continuously.

lower blossoms bloom in the least at this time in the upper inflorescences are already ripe fruit.Once ripe fruits lower, barrel begins to die, but if a single-plant, the whole plant dies, not only to the stalk.

The composition of the fruit pulp are countless needle-like crystals, which at the touch of the skin there is an unpleasant feeling.

Iscariot as a valuable ornamental tree is cultivated in most countries with subtropical and tropical climates.Young, growing slowly kadochnye and potted specimens Iscariot will become a beautiful decoration of any interior.Like most tropical palms, they can not tolerate the dry, dusty air space, but grow in the indoor environment, this type of plant is possible.


Among prokaryotic you can find low-growing and high, and kustarnikovidnye Single-barrel types.Together all the species of the genus Iscariot very similar.In nature, easily crossed, because of which determine the species of this genus is rather difficult.In culture, only two species are widely distributed.It Iscariot burning (also called palm wine) and soft Iscariot.

care of plants.

plants: palm Iscariot better to grow on the west or east window, as they scattered like bright light.If the plant is grown on the south window in the summer should be pritenyat from direct sunlight.On the north window, the plant is not getting enough light for a full life.In spring and summer should be grown at Iscariot 22-24oS with a plus sign, autumn and winter, care must be taken that the temperature does not fall below 18 ° C.It should also monitor the humidity in the room, the higher the indoor temperature, the higher the humidity.

In spring and autumn the plant needs abundant watering.Watering is necessary to defend soft water as soon as the top layer of the substrate is dry (the size of the pot will depend on the depth of drying), the audio in a pot or pan in the water should not stagnate.With the onset of autumn, watering should be moderate, should be watered when the earth in the pot dries out at 1-5 cm depth.After watering, the presence of water in the sump, it should be discarded.

Iscariot need to create high humidity, this should be sprayed regularly defended soft water.In the summer time the plant needs repeated spraying during the day.

In spring and autumn the plant needs feeding, this time for the plant is a period of active vegetation.Dressing can be performed weekly, or once every 14 days.Top dressing fertilizer is produced, specially designed for trees, or liquid complex fertilizers.

Young trees usually transplanted often older - less.

transplant (a perfect option would be transferred) of adult plants is carried out in the spring, but not more often than once every four years.Young trees can be careful to handle each year with the onset of spring.

If the palm is growing too fast, the limitation of its growth will be transplanting.But you need to transplant when the roots of the plants start to get out of the pot.Each year, the top layer of the substrate (approximately 2-4 cm) should be replaced by a new nutrient substrate.

soil can be neutral or slightly acid, these indoor plants are undemanding to the soil composition.

Excavation composition can take compost, humus and sand in equal proportions, for every three liters of added 1st.l.this composition.You can buy ready-mix for palms.For plants grown Bole fit and heavy soil - with plenty of humus.For prokaryotic fit deep pots, equipped with good drainage.

Propagated palm offshoots Iscariot appearing at the root collar of the plant.From the mother plant to separate siblings should be when formed several roots, it will easily take root offspring.For a good rooting offspring needs sand, greenhouse and an optimum temperature 20-22oS.You should also protect the offspring from the direct rays of the sun and often spray it.Watering - that's what you need young plants in the first year of culture.With the onset of spring plant rolled over in a pot, at least 9 centimeters in height.Ground staff should be as follows: 0.5 parts of sand, 1 part leaf soil and humus, 2 parts turf ground.

Iscariot multiply seeds Iscariot still soft and offspring.At bottom heat for germination must be between 2 and 4 months.

Plants Iscariot in a room with dry air and high temperatures affected spider mites.

Possible difficulties.

  • If you bought a palm tree in the winter and put her into a room, it can start to hurt and lose their leaves, so the plant is better to buy or spring or summer.
  • insufficient watering can lead to lowering of the leaves down.
  • Too dry air causes the tips of the leaves begin to dry.
  • too low temperatures and drafts lead to the fact that the leaves wilt and darken.
  • damaged plants mealybugs, spider mites, scale insects.

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