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Big "dudes" Anton Shahin

Operations not become the new Copperfield and he rips the evil assistant to Kesh (Anton Shahin), in a crisis of dismissing from work.But it's not so bad.A young man falls in love with an unrequited scandalous journalist Alice (Karina Andolenko).This is the complication of the new boundless adventure film Vartan Hakobian "Kiss through the wall."

Theatre of Ivan

In desperation Kesha wanders the back streets of his native city, and at the entrance to the Tretyakov Gallery meets peasant homelessly form, with protruding in all directions fiery red hair and tattoos on his hands.In this "tear on mankind" did not immediately recognize the popular actor-writer-director-priest Ivan Okhlobystin.I

Wizard.What doubted?Disqualified.For excesses in libations.But skill, not spend on drink.However, trust me every little thing such as clouds disperse before the parade and brought quickly to the Kremlin Rublevki five minutes.And Kesha - my chance.That will teach him to pass through walls, you see, and will retur

n to its former glory.You see, on my T-shirt with the inscription Beatles, a good find for the modern director-Neformal wizard.And here's my watch.Incidentally, I wanted them to fly into space with my friend astronaut.Then I wear them and was proud that they have visited in orbit.But not yet happened, but in the movie watch already removed.With your five - many exclusive uttered. "

Wizards after all how?
own hierarchy, its "power vertical", their genius, their swindlers.Special powers endowed magician and sorcerer Yarilo Olgovich, the same chef Keshi (Alexander Adabashyan).And in actual fact a charlatan pure water.But as they say, he knows how to position himself.Print this pseudo Copperfield to clean water - and an end to all the misery, the crisis as well.This also will deal with heroes and Shagina Ohlobystina.And to our great and resilient informals "Hipsters" Anton Shahin sure to help the yellow newspaper editor Sergei Gazarov, Rastafarian Kondratiev (Pavel Volya), Georgian Nightingale (Coco Pavliashvili), grandmother Alice (Svetlana Nemolyaeva).But what will storm the walls of a charming Kesha, see the end of this year.

Artemovich Alexander - man band: actor, director, painter, writer.And yet, according to Alena Babenko, "megatalantlivy multikrasivy and man."

What recent events might call a 100% victory?I do not know how much interest in it, but it's definitely a victory: closer to the fall leaves painting "Death in pince-nez, or our Chekhov" Anna Chernokovoy with which we wrote the script.The main role of Yuri Stoyanov, where he played the artist.

What a fiasco?
Like anything, because recently had to withdraw in three films.And maybe here just lies the debacle, and I do not yet know.

What would you like to say to Hollywood?Instead luminous inscription Hollywood I'd post a quote from Dickens' Miss America - debase the universe. "And nothing else: we are too different from the Hollywood approach.

What is the book or new films hit more "dudes" Anton Shagina?I can not say that of the films I have something struck from the books all the more, because I do not read as much as I re-read.Reread Tolstoy, Chekhov with great pleasure, they do not cease to be surprised, but the authors of the fashionable nobody read: not interested.

How would you ordered 1 million euros?I would have for a long time doing nothing.With great pleasure.

What would you like
change in your life?It's nothing.On the contrary, I want as much as possible everything remained as it is.

What movies with your participation we will soon see?About the film "Death in pince-nez," I said.Another comedy Eve Belova "Polina V. and Company" (working title).In the title role - a charming Tatiana Lyutaeva.Also coming soon movie "Elephant", it took my former student Volodya Karamanov.