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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

We say "come up", because to prove his theories of the authors of newspaper vague sensations can lead not only documented the rumors, as well as information from the always anonymous "friends" Brad with Angelina, their relatives or, at worst, the workers.

latest sensation
, which has made the names of Pitt and Jolie champions searches on the Internet, is the story that the celebrity couple secretly consulted with leading US lawyers divorce matters.Journalists British tabloid The Sun claimed that Pitt and Jolie visited the offices of several prominent lawyers in Beverly Hills to divide civilized overall $ 400 million, and not bringing the case to court, decide the fate of their six children.According to an anonymous source of the newspaper, the couple had already determined that the 8-year-old Maddox, 6-year-old Pax, Zahara 5-year, 3-year-old Shiloh and twins Knox and month-Vivien will always live with Angelina, Brad will retain its status as a full-fledged guardian kidsand from time to time to take t

hem to him by mutual agreement.An article in The Sun served as a detonator for the explosion of a publication that between Pitt and Jolie's all over, and the only thing they want - a peaceful relationship completed.

and the authors
«theory of divorce" like to hear our words about unprovability similar stories, solemnly presented to the public the facts.More precisely, only one - Pitt recently bought a Los Angeles house next door with his family nest."Brad bought a bachelor pad - screaming newspaper.- Very clever!He will live separately and at the same time, always with the kids.So did Guy Ritchie a divorce with Madonna. "

Unbearable freedom

But why yesterday in love and happy people have decided to leave?Advocates of "monkey theory" referred to a number of reasons.

No matter how beautiful or was Angelina, she is no longer in Brad same reaction as in the early years of dating.From their hotel rooms had not heard the cries of the animals, about which so much has been written in the early days of their relationship.And when the dust settled, it turned out that a couple of associates are not too many things.In fact, nothing but children.Well, money.Brad also want a simple relationship.The banality of family happiness.He was tired from the desire to be a world of Angelina's mother-protector and not in awe of her desire to continue to adopt colored orphans from around the globe (currently alleged Angie really wants gaitenka).And its more annoying Angelina almost complete disregard for his family.She was never able to find a common language with the mother of Brad, Jane.And she regularly calls up with Jennifer Aniston, which still calls her daughter.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have already forgotten, when they saw him with the children for Christmas and other family celebrations, and allegedly the brother of actor Doug on his knees begging Brad hurry to part with the extravagant law wife.

A very Angelina allegedly annoyed Brad attempts to turn it into a "banal housewife."

Question Time

But what the supporters of the "party of love"?These are people who just know Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and their reaction to the publication of scandalous revelations and was laconic: "nonsense!As before, they are very fond of each other. "In this camp there is also evidence.When left scandalous article in The Sun, the paparazzi photographed Pitt and Jolie for a romantic dinner in a restaurant, and the actors were not at all like a couple, to discuss the division of property.According to Agent Brad, his "bachelor's Nest" he purchased for the planned expansion of their big Hollywood names - two areas perfectly fit together.Obsessed with Brad design really does develop its restructuring.What Angelina complex and it is really difficult relationship with his relatives Pitt, in part, true.But not so long ago, the actress never talked with his mother and father.So the true answer to the question of where to put the comma unfortunate, will only time.

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