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The hero of "Twilight" Robert Pattinson

modest, tasteful

One sunny day in New York last year on the set of the movie "Remember Me", he almost died under the wheels of a taxi.The fans rushed into the arms of Robert with such passion that he had to flee, and has kept it only instant reaction of the driver, the guard was completely helpless before a crowd of screaming girls.This episode was not an exception, rather the rule.

Wherever Robert
appeared today in New York and the Canadian province of deaf - around him instantly a crowd.His face looks on the cover of a plurality of magazines, production started doll Rob, and even fans of the comic entertainment has met.The reporter of one of the leading publications on cinema begins his interview with the question: "Please name the name of your hair stylist for the name of the gel, which do you use?" His habits - a gesture, he pushes her hair from her face, the attachment to ragged T-shirts, confusion, which responds to another declaration of love, a sense of humor and a love of music - all tr

ansformed into a cult.Who would have thought that the glory of such inhuman scale will cover guy father pushed to the acting path to finally solve the problem of his son to communicate with the girls ?!

- a trait that he failed to overcome today.Robert believes that it has determined that much of the life of one of his characters - Salvador Dali."When you read about his early years, you come to dread.In order to enter into relations even remotely associated with love, he had to go through a terrible inner torment.Dali terribly afraid of close relations: not only that he could not initiate them himself, so also one does not admit to myself close enough! "The hero of" Twilight "Robert Pattinson is another problem - he does not want to make their feelings discussed in the tabloids.

Neither hero
¬ęTwilight" Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart have never seriously thought it was to speak to the press about their romantic relationship, allegedly tied to the site, "Twilight."Both ironic and now and then make fun of each other about "all this chaos."So the actors referred to sweep them fame.They can not without a sense of humor when it comes to "digest" the news from the front pages of newspapers, "Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are expecting a baby."She admires his musical talent: Robert wrote and performed for the "Twilight" two ballads."He sings like a god!" He - her acting gift."It is - the main reason why I really wanted to play in" Twilight. "Kristen - the best actress of our generation! "This is the most romantic thing they said about each other."It is strange that I consider romantic.I do not think I've ever done anything romantic ... In 15 years, brought the girl flowers in the school locker, her name was Maria.Or maybe I was 14 ... In general, it is agreed that it makes the other, besides the guy took it and said, "Yes, I am!" - Robert laughs.

famous actor
loves his mistress and did not even think about the fact that she had to change something and bring it.He is sure that Kristen loves him also that he always shows his love and kneeled.They are both happy together and are confident that it is forever.Sometimes even thinking hard to realize all "texts" that write about them paparazzi.Robert really wants to have children with Kristen.

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