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Great designer Alexander McQueen

answer to the question «Why?" Why successful, talented, surrounded by friends and really respected by his colleagues man decides to break up with life, with his own hands tightening the noose around the neck, while on the surface and is not known to anyone.No one can know what was going on in the soul of 40-year-old Lee McQueen (this is the first "home" designer's name), the life of which one by one are gone forever three closest women.In 2007, he lost his girlfriend, muse, a woman who once believed in him as the true artist - Isabella Blow.Then he just went to India, abandoning all gone a month, and came back and introduced the world to a collection of 'The girl who lived in a tree. "It turned out, that's all he could do for her now.A year ago, I went Aunt Dolly.

This name is known only to a narrow circle of friends of the great designer Alexander McQueen, but for him it means a lot owner.A small woman, never miss a show Lee.On 2 February 2010, he was not adored mother, Joyce McQueen.Since the dea

th of McQueen February 11th everyone is quoting an interview with the mother of his son, dated 2004, for one of the leading British newspapers."What do you fear most in the world?- To die before you.- Thank you, son.The most proud of?- You. "These words recall the journalists, friends remembered something else: "He loved coming to my mother and to drink with her tea and cookies sitting on the sofa."Losing loved ones, usually seek support from loved ones.But the man who loved Lee McQueen, left him six months before his mother's death.

fend for themselves

Three-year little boy, he was drawing on the wallpaper pupae in ball gowns.The son of a taxi driver, the youngest of six children born to a working-class districts of East London.Electric driver, a taxi driver in the best case - that the prospects that awaited him.Study in the local school for boys, with its brutal orders could not change them for the better.The only useful thing was that later helped the great designer Alexander McQueen survive: "The most important rule is: always be ready to take the fight ... You should be able to fend for themselves.And even if you do not win, you're still playing! "After leaving school, he tried a variety of works, from the messenger to the seller at the customs office at the theater bookshop.Until one day the mother of Alexander did not see a documentary on male tailors and remembered the children's drawings on the wall.In the men's studio on Savile Rou just recruited students.Here, in the workshops where costumes sewed i to Mikhail Gorbachev and the Prince of Wales, every day for three years, doing tailoring jackets and trousers, he has learned the most important thing - the design, cut and respect for craft."It was a great training.Since I love the craft and I think that in our case there is nothing more important.In my collections, even if it's pret-a-porter, everything is done manually.That is why they are so similar to Haute Couture ».

Then there was the Milan
."I wanted to see how they work in fashion for real.To see and learn. "Teacher became Romeo Gigli, which McQueen, contrary to the opinion of the majority, is considered a leader among designers of the early 80's.Then - the famous Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, where McQueen is rumored before admission came with a bold proposal to himself as a teacher.His graduation collection was bought entirely and immediately following the show for 5000 pounds.That is the amount inherited from his father, a millionaire aristocrat erratic, eccentric editor of the British magazine Tattler Isabella Blow.

awakening feelings

has an impeccable taste and a tremendous reputation in the fashion world Isabella anyone and everyone kept saying that the great designer Alexander McQueen is destined to become the most popular designers of the XXI century.Her care is not limited to enthusiastic exclamations.Soon McQueen moved to an abandoned house on Belgrava Square, Blow who found for him and his friend Philip Treacy.Here began the history of the brand Alexander McQueen.First impressions caused a bombshell.It was an unforgettable enchanting setting, recreate entire worlds on the podium."When I make a collection in my head already has a history ... I can see all the way down to the makeup, the entourage, and of course, music.Any of the history is impressive, and the fashion is to impress! "After the first season, all eager to get on his show."People who have never been interested in fashion, filled the gallery like a rock concert," - wrote the newspaper."Nihilism", "birds", "Forward to the Jungle" - successful collections followed one after another.And soon - sensational news: the conservative bourgeois house Givenchy - a symbol of French elegance - is given into the hands of the "enraged punk" at shows which cars traveled on the podium, there was a rain, robots sprayed from a spray paint to dress mannequins, as well as finishes used deadlocusts.

His first catwalk
house Givenchy was greeted by the French press aggressively.McQueen did not follow the traditional for such cases by copying the style of Givenchy, and offered his own vision.And it had nothing to do with the image of Audrey Hepburn, who embody the style of most houses.He took a chance and was not mistaken.Very soon at Givenchy lined up clients, formerly prefer other designers had silenced the skeptics.

At that time, he twice became designer of the year in Britain, arranges a brilliant show in the Moscow subway that made public in diamonds from Carder for the first time in my life to go down into the subway."I wanted to show them what they do not want to see hunger, blood, poverty, - confessed McQueen.- Look at all that the fashion crowd wearing dark glasses and realize that they have no idea about what is happening in the world.Let them feel the hatred and disgust me, it is quite satisfied.I'll know that at least some feelings aroused in them. "After the inevitable parting with McQueen Givenchy talent only gained new strength.

He said the world
their collections.His dresses were shouting about the famine and millions of deaths in Africa, about the slow death of the planet that was his home, the indifference, which is equally steeped all - rich and poor.But the fashion critics, client, townsfolk mostly saw only shoes oddly shaped, narrow waist, lace and too complex, impossible to replicate cut."Thoughts like the devil, but tailors like an angel," - wrote about him.

unearthly beauty of his dresses, paintings, show each of them how to scuba diving in the depths of the ocean (favorite activity designer) complex cut and simple, understandable to anyone who is ready to hear the thoughts - all that was left to us by Alexander McQueen."I will be happy only when the stop to engage in fashion" - once said Li ...

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