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Expensive diamonds Lyudmila Zykina


strange behavior Lyudmila Zykina in the last years of his life saw not only the family, but also colleagues.- Before it was impossible to get through - he said the conductor of the ensemble "Russia" Anatoly Sobolev.All the time the receiver took Tatiana.And at my request to beckon call Lyudmila Georgievna replied she sleeps, her treatment or massage.Only a few times I was able to talk with the Lyudmila Georgievna.But what I heard was not at all like Zykina.She said those phrases that she inspired Svinkova.Recently actress was completely dependent on his assistants.Like a zombie, doing everything Svinkova told her.


According to relatives, the full impact of a helper singer came after Tatiana led to her doctor Vladimir Konstantinov.Lonely actress never tired of thanking the doctor, as he pulled her three times from the other world!It can be seen from the soul Zykina was born to him and many thanks, which grew into a true love - said Sobolev.

If there today I have the man I love wi

th all my heart, it is - my doctor Vladimir Konstantinov, - said before the death itself Lyudmila Zykina.So many years have lived and love, for the first time.It is clean, bright love!When Vladimir gone too long, I miss just going crazy!He - a genius, he has golden hands.And I'm so calm when he's around.The last few months, we are always together.I wake up, open my eyes - he stands with medications.And I have this feeling healthy.

Lyudmila loved this doctor, - says Anatoly Sobolev.Tatyana Vladimir skillfully used her feelings and wanted expensive diamonds Lyudmila Zykina.How else to explain the fact that both easily actress began to dispose of the property?Lyudmila had four cars, but somehow it happened that on one soon began to drive Svinkova, and on the other - the doctor!The two twisted Lyudmila Georgievna as wanted!


Tatiana was a plan for how to seize and dispose of expensive diamonds Lyudmila Zykina - Zykina sure relatives.Svinkova long it all planned.Even when Lyudochka saw her janitress, and took pity on yourself.Despite the apparent simplicity, Tanya quickly realized that the direct heirs of the singer there, and decided to clean up its wealth to the hands.Svinkova actress was surrounded with warmth and care and gradually ousted from communication with others.

got to the point that she did not admit to Zykina even cousin and nephew and other physicians.No one!In addition, Vladimir Konstantinov.

Even after the death of my aunt Tatyana Svinkova took it upon myself to resolve issues with its legacy - outraged nephew Sergey Zykina.

Strangely missing from the house all the diamonds, and only after we have applied to the police, Tatiana showed where a piece of jewelry ...


noteworthy that immediately after the death Zykina Svinkova, do not hesitate,He appeared in public in ... rings and gold watch "Cartier", expensive diamond Lyudmila Zykina!

She wants to become the second Zykina, but it will not succeed!- Outraged actors ensemble "Russia".Svinkova with Konstantinov probably counted for a lot, but their plans did not come true!We are sure the police will bring all to clean water!

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