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The popular actor Tigran Keosayan

This rock , around which to build a life, a tradition, the roots ...

wonder what the atmosphere was in the house of your father, the famous film director Edmond Keosayan, the creator of the beloved is not one generation of spectators trilogy "Elusive Avengers"?

It was a great atmosphere: kind, smart, funny, ironic, caring.I grew up in Moscow, and then our family has another house in Armenia.Mum and dad built it in the late eighties - large, comfortable, stone, located in the mountains in a remote village.It turned out that his father thus gave rise to neo-Russian settlement.First, there was his house, and then began to build more and more.Now lives there already a lot of people who came after my father.Talented people attract you noticed?

popular actor
Tigran Keosayan like to go there?Very

.But I am quite rare in Armenia.Although there is really good.Do not abroad, in Italy or France, not to any resorts, namely in the mountains.And this place is all the more valuable to me that I can not relax.

Although sometimes I feel the need for it.

And in my house you have a favorite place?How relaxing at home?Favorite - office.I conceived him, and did as his favorite place.It turned out to be such, and that, of course, sometimes causing complaints from my household ... Because it can autonomously and weekly live ... If only I did not forget to feed.

Tigran, that is very important for you a feeling of comfort?

Yes, but special imperial ambitions in this regard, I have not.First of all, the house should be cozy and ... unobtrusively.Everyone has their own feeling of comfort.It is important that the house was spacious, lots of light.And next to the house was a pond.We, as the city dwellers, it is like to live outside the city, where we remain for the last few years.In a small village.And with great surprise recall how to live in the center of Moscow ...

, "housing problem" for the popular actor Tigran Keosayan I never have been a problem?

Well, why not, and had to live in communal ... Although, in theory, to be honest, I have not had to live.I was in a communal 80 th and early 90s threw turbulent emotions - my relationship with women ...

Tigran, with his wife Alena you are disagreements?

At home, of course, there are 14 years still live together.And work on the set, the differences can not be.I'm working on a film director, and Alain - actress ...

Coauthorship actor on the set of admissible to the popular actor Tigran Keosayan?

actors - always sponsors.The film - a living creative process and offers his ideas from the artists to be sure.Offers - an indication that it is interesting to the whole group.

Your daughter Sasha
going to continue the family dynasty?It is a mystery.Sasha, for example, always wanted to dance professionally.Alenka also dances well, that apparently proved an important factor when it is approved in due time to the role of Conchita in the play "Juno" and "Avos". "I think that to the desires of the younger generation should be treated with a smile, all of them - restless creativenature. Who knows how it will actually ...

famous actor Keosayan life really has developed successfully - and the parents were actors, and he Tigran became so later in his life. Tigran loves to travel, loves Japan. The countryRising Sun Tigran feel free bird in flight, feeling every cell of his love and to really relax and have fun.

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