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A successful politician Sergei Tigipko

We meet a successful politician Sergei Tigipko in his house, situated in a picturesque hilly area on the outskirts Bezradichi that near Kiev.Contrary to expectations, no nearby castles, fortresses, and five-meter stone fences - ordinary village with conventional farmhouses.A narrow asphalt road leads to the gate, followed by a wonderful view: perfectly manicured English lawn, right - the forest, the left - a young orchard, a gravel path leading to an elegant cottage built in the tradition of modern European design.

Despite the early morning
(yet and eight), the house and its inhabitants and a successful politician Sergei Tigipko has long been awakened.Everyone - his own work: a seven-year Timothy was going to school, four-year Asya finish feeding porridge and dressed to take him to the garden.Not in a hurry just adorable baby Leonty, who is closely following the events with the most comfortable vantage point - my mother's hands.

Pending home owner, I look around: spacious, bright room with fireplac

e, children's photos on the walls, white piano, bookshelves.On the shelves - Andrew Bits, Sergei Dovlatov, John Steinbeck, Dmitry Bykov, Graham Greene, Lev Gumilyov, William Faulkner, Gogol, Remarque, Kafka, Proust, Thackeray ... It is evident that the books in this house a special relationship.

through the huge, full-length window at the sunlit emerald lawn, I did not notice how the room included Sergey Leonidovich.

wonderfully you have here: space, breathe easy ...

I immediately liked it, too.It was the year of the 98th, I was visiting a friend who lives nearby.Some of his colleagues said that the place is for sale.I stopped and bought.For such small money that now even somehow funny to remember.Saw - like it - buy it.

take all decisions in this way?

I would not say so.Although the decisions I make, and often I can say that I like it.If the decision is crucial for me - for example, change the scope of activities to go into politics, become a banker or public servants - that it requires thinking through a thorough, balanced.

In such cases, you rely on your own opinion or to listen to anyone's advice?

Listen everyone, but solutions are uniquely mine, answer some of them myself.It's my life, and I'm used to build it myself.

Sergey Leonidovich
, tell us about your family.Who surrounds you in this beautiful house?

wife Victoria and their three children: the eldest son Timothy, his 1 October was 7 years old, the daughter Asya - 4 years with her small birthday was August 18, and the youngest, Leonty him 11 months, and he just started walking.I said that yesterday was the corridor alone.

Timothy - student?

Yes, this year went to the first class.We now have a busy period because he had to get used to the new schedule, the rhythm of life, new responsibilities.It is quite an active guy, because that gets a lot of comments.But I see that he is trying very hard.

And what busy Asya?

nurse leads her to a half-day kindergarten.Asya engaged in music, dancing and swimming.She is all ohotku.And we try to use it.

Children friendly?

Probably, like all children: one without the other can not do, and when it come together, start some quarrels, claims to leadership.Be sure to have something to share.

I think the attention of parents.By the way, you have a strict father?Demanding of the children or indulge them?

I try not to pull them in detail.There have complete freedom.But the scope of the children have, definitely.I can not allow them to go on their heads.

Maybe softer feel about my daughter.I think girls need a little different approach, more gentle.And children from 5-6 years already should feel a stop.It is very important and personal example.If children see that I am the person responsible, organized, these qualities must be passed to them.

But, the most important thing in raising children
successful politician Sergei Tigipko - a sincere interest in their affairs.And in any case can not be parents, particularly those with financial resources, pay off kids - toys, stuff, vacation, a good school, etc.Most often it turns children into golden youth who becomes, as I say, inoperative.

You talk knowledgeably ...

From his first marriage successful politician Sergei Tigipko has an older daughter, Anya, whose 25 years.To my happiness, it does not belong to the golden youth.She - the working people engaged in business that loves yourself is a serious project, we have a great relationship, we often see each other, I'm proud of her, and she knows it.

Children - a big age difference.Over the years, something has changed in your training methods?

I think I have become more democratic.More calm.Now I know what to do.While on the other hand, there is a catastrophic shortage of time to communicate with the children ...

We meet in the morning, though short-lived (but a joint breakfast at 7.30 - it's a nice ritual), at least at night: as a rule, when I come homethe children are asleep.Only one day is - Sunday.

Do you have a reliable rear
- wife.It gives kids that may not have time to you?

Yes, Vick has been a lot of them, is almost completely all the organizational work for the school, kindergarten, sections ... Rest, life, and much more - all on it.Of course, basic communication in children - with my mother.Well, there are still often grandmothers - Vika and my mom.

believed that the happiest children are those who grow up in an environment not only parents but also grandparents.That is, in the love of two generations, and matures a full personality.

I agree with that.Indeed, there is the link between generations, there is a transfer of information, maybe on some level, even the fluid, and I like it.

Tell me, how you were a kid?In what family grew, in what atmosphere?

My childhood was divided into two phases: before and after the death of his father.I was 10 years old when he died.We had a very good, proper rural family.My parents worked hard.

We, the children had their chores, we know what a tough discipline.But we lived in nature, in that expanse!

Since my childhood I was responsible for myself and for the younger brother, with whom all the difference and a half years.Led him into the garden, pick up from there, constantly watched over him and felt responsible for it.After his father's death we had a year or two to live with my grandmother because my mother with my older brother left for Chisinau, our Uncle and Aunt.My brother had to come to the university to learn.

It was then that I realized
, what the work really.My grandmother took 3.5 hectares of sunflowers and 3 hectares of corn and all summer they were treated.I then earned the first money.I remember, I gave more oil.

And when we moved to Chisinau, to my mother, it became easier?

would not say.It was quite a difficult period.We lived on the outskirts, in cramped conditions.To feed his three children, my mother worked at a half rate senior nurse in a psychiatric hospital.They paid more, and so we pulled it.

you she tried not to give the mess?

I can not say that I was a problem child.Although it was not a good boy.But he studied successfully.

What subjects loved?Still, more than humanitarian: literature (loved to write essays), history, geography.It was easy and fun.

Judging by your wonderful library, a love of literature have failed.

library generated trips from each I bring something new, we order a lot on the Internet.If time permits, I can spend half a day in a bookstore, choosing new items.

What reading now?

Periodically successful politician Sergei Tigipko absorb any direction.Now I was interested in oriental authors.It is interesting to dive into another world: Afghanistan, Turkey ... This is a completely different culture, the foundations of life, is not always clear to us.Often, because of this misunderstanding we are trying clumsy methods to impose its position.This can not be done.I believe that through literature learn tolerance and understanding.

And in addition I am passionate about literature copyright movies - two years sponsoring retrospective screenings of films in the style of art house.

I wonder why?

Body I love exercise, and this, I believe, gymnastics for the soul and mind.

you to someone discuss what they read, what they saw?

can discuss with anyone.But I would not say that I care.Important for me to think about some things.The fact that the active life of a shortage of personal freedom.I want to be alone, to watch a movie, read a book.For me it is more important than talking.

I so constantly something to share, give some kind of particle energy.This is a lot of heads.If you want to achieve something, to convey information - you always have to give.As the generator: the amount of energy you get in the morning and during the day it completely raskhoduesh.

And how much you need
, to recover?

six to seven hours is enough.But I need an hour in the middle of the day for sports.And be sure to Sunday bath with a broom, a good steam.Even on Sunday morning it is necessary to walk with children, make them some barbecue, build a tent, cook soup, go for a hike in the woods ... I'm in this mode without holidays worked for three years.To me this is enough.And if the rental - it's exotic, islands, sea or mountains, the forest?It's always something active.In winter - skiing, and a good workout.Most often, after skiing slept, then I go to the gym.If the summer - it's something to do with water.During breaks - always reading dial on holiday with a suitcase of books.

Sergey Leonidovich, tell us about his wife.How did you meet?

We met friends.Then I was married.But there were feelings, then - relationship and I divorced.We Vika started to live together.

is difficult to fundamentally change the way of life?Very

.Especially when this seems to be no reason, no claims to the previous family, his wife.But when there is a sense, then, I think they should trust.We have to live on the basis of what you feel.Clearly, there are also kids, but today I know that it is possible to combine: good relationships with the children and, as they say, a new life.For men, however, there are certain stringent obligations: first - financially secure old family;the second - to keep the relationship with the children.

Life is so complex and multifaceted! .. What at first seems a tragedy, then it is possible.For both men and women.Of course, a break - it's painful.Those who went through it, I think, hardly went smoothly and easily.But in the end, you realize that your decision - correctly.

you a romantic?

Dreamer - exactly.Whatever I wondered at first about this dream a lot, I think, draw, how it will be.A romantic right?I do not know.Probably second marriage suggests that yes.

One of the men
prefers to see his wife homemaker and mother of his children, and someone flattered when his wife took as a professional, as a bright personality.And your wife, what?

Despite the fact that Vick "closes" all the questions about the house, she is also a successful business man, took a long time in the business and well itself earns.She constantly generates ideas, and I see that she is interested in a fairly wide range.She is well versed in music - from classical and jazz to electronic and alternative.She wonders arthouse cinema (I must say that at the time it was she hoisted me on it), she manages to ride on film festivals and make your dreams.

Given that her business is not for women (construction, equipment, production), is actively interested in new technologies, visiting specialized exhibitions, looking for new topics.I think she knows how to create a rich life.It is easily trained, knows Italian, French, English, German.In general, the ability to clearly present.

That is there for you to be a person?

I am convinced that the man should try to reveal the identity of the woman.And even if this person is clear, support is still needed.

Say Tihipko family and Sergei Tigipko to work with colleagues and subordinates - they are different people?

I do not think that much different.I allow myself the luxury of being such as it is, naturally.At work - first and foremost.I can not speak from the rostrum one thing and think another.I have a bad turn some populist things.And frankly, I do not want to break themselves.I want to stay whole person.

, at home I milder course.Because - children stay.There is such a concentration on something, there is no hard mode.With me is a day for 14-16 meetings, sometimes 4-5 interviews, and even live broadcasts.So you need to keep themselves in a constant tone, under control.And in the evening relax a little.But I do not think I'm stronger than I am.

Sergey Leonidovich, and what you can do hands?

Once laid bricks, know how to drive a tank, can cook food, especially something from the meat, even all sorts of salads, scrambled eggs.The speed of cooking potatoes I do champion.The hostel has learned.What else?A shovel can work very well, the ax can work very well, the saw can work very well.I can shoot.Nail nail - easily, disassemble socket - elementary (I once worked part time as an electrician in the hostel).He worked commandant, a loader at the factory, on the market - the student brigade unloaded watermelons, melons.That is behind me a lot of things.

And you can be a ski instructor and tennis coach.In tennis

some things suggest probably can, but that's the theory.Now I do not play.I started to hurt back, and I realized that I did not love tennis so that it affects health.I switched - pumped back and now feel okay, do other sports and get no less pleasure.

And skiing is still fond of?

Yes, I love skiing, do not fear no mountains.

Where to ride?

was in many countries in the ski resorts.

In Europe, most good skiing in Courchevel, and not because there are going to oligarchs, but really!For those who love skiing, I think it's the nicest place in the Old World.But the most remarkable horse in America was in Aspen.Magnificent descents - very wide, high and long.However, very cold.

And if you choose: cold or warm?


whiskey or wine?

Winter - whiskey in the summer - wine.

cat or a dog?Dog.

lark or a night owl?

do not know ... somewhere in the middle.Some morning owl, or do not know how to call it.

February 13, 2010 you will be 50 years.Typically, for the anniversary to sum up some results.

In fact, I was born on February 14 on Valentine's Day.But it so happened that I wrote the day before.

And about the anniversary of ... no outcome would not be interested until I let them down.Because I'm on the move, I have all the work and is not going away.Results begin to fail in the years 80. Until that time, I will work actively.Where I can be helpful.I see what you can do in the country, and I know how to do this, unlike many, by the way.The most important thing - that my work has been an effective case to produce results that Ukraine was competitive, modern, successful.

I feel completely self-sufficient person and confident in the correctness of what I'm doing.