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Life and Fate Sergei Zverev

evil fate pursues the family for a long time actor.Many of his memories from his childhood and youth - a coffin, funeral, cemetery.Too often he had to accompany his last journey of family and friends.

He lost almost all

In the life and fate of his father, Sergei Zverev, Anatoly died early.I was four years old when he crashed on a motorcycle - sadly says Sergei.- A few days before the tragedy, I dreamed of his death.But because of their age I did not understand that it was a prophetic dream.And what I could do?Especially grieved this tragic death Seryozhin grandfather.He fell ill, and a few months later he was buried.

followed his grandfather and grandmother died.A string of funerals.Commemoration of the commemoration.So life Zverev turned into a nightmare.Hardly delayed wound from the loss of the elderly, as fate has presented a new blow.He died of an asthma older brother Sergei - Alexander.

When he died, I suffered a lot - reluctantly recalls his life and the fate of Sergei Zverev.Tormented by

doubt, remorse.It seemed to me, I told him that something is Doda.Some heat or something.

Well, how much can you take away my family?- Sergei cried.And asks the heavens: "Please, enough!Is not it enough I experienced pain? "But no, around the people continued to die.Caring friends, former classmates.And soon in a terrible car accident and lost his common law wife, Olga.

cheated death three times

Now it's my turn - the stylist thought resignedly when his car at breakneck speed flew into a ditch.

seemed that's all.I will not survive.I remember even thinking, do I die like my dad?Sergei miraculously survived.But fate persisted mock him.Therefore I left in this world.A few years later the plane in which the actor with a colleague Katya Lel returned from a tour that nearly crashed.

Katya began to read the prayers of fear, panic at all, - says Sergey.And for some reason I wanted to sing.

Last year, bad luck and destiny of life Sergei Zverev gave the star a test already at sea.Philip Kirkorov, Alexander Peskov and Sergei Zverev went on a voyage from Miami to Bermuda.The liner with the Stars hit the 9-point storm in the Bermuda Triangle.

all scared.Nightmare - says Alexander Peskov.Only Zverev walked calmly and said that such a star, he does not drown some ninth wave.

Believes that it suppositories cherish

During the years of nightmares actor was used to deadly.Living faith helps him and another - church candles.

I buy a lot of candles in the temple, I place all over the house and light them - says the stylist.- If me any negative or something bad is going to happen, they begin to pop.I was told that the candles, so take care of all the poor.And burns.In my case, apparently it helps.

Life Sergei Zverev from the moment began to turn into a nightmare, but still did not give up, and Sergey led an ordinary life, such as led before.Sergei Zverev since become a different person, began to believe in God, and even on Sundays to go to church for the service.The only thing he can never return - it's their favorite ones.But all the same faith and hope for the best help Sergei live on and develop.We wish Sergei best recovery from the emotional and spiritual point of view and belief in yourself and your strength.

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