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Successful and charming Lyudmila Hariv

successful and charming Lyudmila Hariv how do you manage to look so good?Under the magic of your "happy beauty" you get a glance ...

I have always believed that our appearance surrounding subconsciously read our attitude towards them.Careful attention to yourself and your appearance means treating people with respect.But the real beauty is able to bestow only internal energy.For many of its source - love and I are no exception.Only, in my opinion, very important to love the most, not just to allow love yourself.What gives a woman confidence?In the classic sense of confidence a woman gives a man, but often it turns out just the opposite.Therefore, recipes each his own.I think confidence arises when a woman held in their best talents and received recognition.But outward beauty requires attention.How do you keep fit?My choice - yoga.Engage can be optionally in yoga studios, more importantly, to find their manager, develop a personal exercise program.

And, of course, diet ...

No, that's not on a di

et, "sitting" never.My diet "hurt."These severe restrictions for my body, which is better to love than to restrict.You do not need to overeat, that's all.But the culinary preferences still there?I love the author's kitchen - where every dish felt a creative approach, part of the soul of cooking.You also have a signature dish?Unavailable.My daughter and I really love to experiment in the kitchen, and each time you get something new.Lately carried away by pastry.Come for dessert!

How much time per week successful and charming Lyudmila Hariv manages to carve out personal care?

Good question ... it is difficult to calculate, but certainly I would say that's not much.I believe in taking care of an important regularity and correctly selected cosmetics.

Lyudmila, does this mean that the best cosmetic products - the most expensive?Naturally, no.Magnificent means you can pick up at any price.Critical system and individual selection.

Lyudmila, share the secret of how to quickly put himself in order.For example, in 15 minutes.

whopping 15 minutes ?!But for this time, you can take a shower and do a complete makeover!If I hurry, I have just one and a half to two minutes!During this time, I have time to put on the face serum OLAY, comb your hair, apply powder and rouge and perfume necessarily a loop.This little secret is working 100% - the smell attracts attention and "masks" the shortcomings of makeup.

What helps successful and charming Lyudmila Hariv relax after a hard day?

fragrant bath and sleep!The best way to regain strength, I do not find.And in my house a lot of indoor plants - they are pleasing to the eye and uplifting.By the way, among them there are tulips and hydrangeas that blossomed from bulbs imported from traveling.

I love uncut flowers, I enthralls time when the flowers bloom in the gardens and flower beds.The perfect vacation for you - it is ... Marine, and even better ocean beaches.

Lyudmila , which is the basis of your wardrobe?

I, like almost all women, every morning wondering "What to wear?".And often sigh - "nothing to wear."The basis of my wardrobe - dress.Firstly, it is very convenient because it does not take itself head the eternal question, "What kind of jacket to wear?", And secondly, I notice that when a woman goes into a dress, around something changes.Why abandon this ?!And do you have some sort of fetish clothing?Sandals with heels and small handbags.I think these things in the wardrobe is never "a lot"!

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