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Hollywood star Salma Hayek

explosive mixture .Such dazzling appearance Salma Hayek obliged parents.Relatives Paternal - immigrants from Lebanon, my mother - a Spaniard.From this cocktail just could not get something delicious: Eastern languor, lurking in the brown languishing eyes, set off an explosive South American temperament.The future Hollywood star grew up in a small Mexican town, went to a Catholic boarding school, where she liked to sing in the choir and play pranks.Parents dream to see the daughter of a diplomat, and Salma even learn a few years at the Faculty of International Relations in Mexico City.But, to the chagrin of his father, quickly she realized that her vocation - to be an actress.In the late eighties, while studying at the courses of dramatic art, Salma Hayek began to appear in the series.Becoming a star in his homeland, she calmed down: being at the peak of popularity in his native Mexico, dropped everything and moved to Los Angeles.Without the knowledge of English, without connections, with one desire: to

be in the movies American.The first two years Salma taught language and play all in the same soap operas.Perhaps on this, her career would have ended if not for a meeting with the Texas director Robert Rodriguez.His film "Desperate" where Salma Hayek starred with Antonio Banderas, did it really well-known, and the Rodriguez said that Salma - his lucky mascot, and invited her to star in his every film.

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Hollywood star Salma Hayek about fifty films, his directorial debut and his own production company, as well as scripts written specifically for her Tarantino, and the most beautiful Hollywood actors, with whom she had a chance to work together ... September 21 of 2007Salma debuted in another, the most interesting and promising, the role - she became a mother.Now in the life of Salma Hayek have all the things a woman can dream: She is beautiful, loved, successful, she has a family and a whole life ahead.Indeed, in these years, as we know, it has just begun.

However, Salma Hayek said in interviews that she misses her family, for her Mexican food, from a sense of unity and friendship that she had before.She likes to meet with his former friends, they always have something to talk about.Salma says that she now wants to have his farm chicken and collect eggs from her, she wants to grow vegetables.A career and all the main purpose of her life is not.

on his mission to the movies Hollywood star said that his people be for her a great responsibility.Those directors who want to make films about Latin American culture, will always invite her, as she's grown up and knows its people and its customs.Arguing about motherhood Salma Hayek says that motherhood should not be for everyone and that not all women should be sure to have children.The woman put in such a position, and it's terrible.Let give birth in those who have a desire and it will be true.And then there was such a stereotype that women definitely need to be smart, beautiful, successful, tall, thin, to be married to the right guy, and a good and have children, though desirable, brilliant.And not a bad thing that there was a nun.