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Sexy TV presenter Lilia Rebrik

She plays in the Kyiv Young Theatre, is the talent show "Everybody Dance!"and the program "Unbelievable stories of love" on the channel STB, in films and teaches at the Institute of Theatre plastic ...

Question №1: as you all time?

You know, when people ask me, "What do you want to be completely happy?" I answer: "One extra for an hour a day!"But seriously, I am very easy to like everything I do.So I try to keep up!Admit it, there are some talisman?So be it, I'll give the secret (laughs).Even as a child, in Chernivtsi, I found myself in the sky "dog" - a constellation, the name of which still do not know.And now, when the night in Kiev I manage to see it (and it is not easy!), I'm happy as a kid - my "dog" protects me.

become an actress
- it is also a childhood dream?

I can not say that as a child she saw herself only actress.This is evidenced even that at the time I did any Razuvious theater was not, though she loved to read poetry, particularly pathetic at various competitions.I was already

a graduate, when a random thought of acting, one might say, decided my fate.But parents say you saw a doctor ... To be honest, they let me go at sixteen to Kiev to enter a theater school with a secret thought - failed, calm down and will file papers in medical.And I went and entered!Remember your first impression of the conquest of the city?

first achieve sexual presenter Lilia Rebrik give "wings".Received Theatre - itself, without any ties to the budget!For the first time cooked soup - like all our friends!Yes I am, it appears, can do anything!After the first failure of these wings "pruned".I was such a shock visiting theater dorm when the room swam toward "star" in his dressing gown, with a cigarette and gave me a contemptuous glance ... And plus, these are terrible, I thought, after the comforts of home, the conditions ... I have tearscreek - I'll live here ?!

And then there's the first
same class in high school it became clear that I was wrong to walk, breathe, speak, move, in short, almost everything I do is wrong ... It was the most difficult for a home girl from a provincial town?No, it was most difficult to get used to other relationships.In a small town you are always in sight, and often tempted to live according to certain "positive" as "necessary".In major cities and large to you no one cares - but, and you do not have to adjust to the opinion of others.But it teaches us surrounding these lessons in life that make us stronger and adaptations that I ... How is life with the "excellent pupil syndrome"?I do not feel discomfort from the fact that I put the bar high.I went to music school, engaged in artistic gymnastics - in art or in sport is not "satisfactory" results.Why do they have to be in life?Therefore, after finishing the theater, I myself put a condition that if in five years did not achieve - I find the strength to leave the profession!

Lily, you have kept the word?

Yes!Although, of course, very, very much I hoped that do not have (laughs).What helps in your career?It should be immediately clear: the success - it's always past.You can not go on past achievements - cornfields profession or in life.And still need to distinguish between the concept of "dream" and "target."For example, to go to Paris for me a dream - although it would seem, so what?Take a ticket and fly!No, I'm important that something in the soul "matured" up to this point.Career dreams, too, must "ripen."A goal - this is what you need to plan and achieve.Incidentally, I really like to plan, implement plans and summarize.

funny - a luxurious blonde Lily, adoring plan ...

Actually, I'm brunette, the blonde made me stylists - decided to little "olirichit."Now in this way I feel comfortable.And when I'm driving, it even helps (laughs).

On a horoscope you
- Taurus, the sign is known for perseverance and stubbornness.And how do you see your partner?

This may not be a person weaker than me - sexy TV presenter Lilia Rebrik.I like people with special needs, but it demands to be born in love.It is not true that strong men do not have - I see them around.I have fans who organize fireworks in my honor, flowers line the path from the elevator to the door of my apartment, give such bundles of roses that they can not be counted.If I was 16-18 years old, I would definitely decided: "It - It!"These large and small pleasures are very pleasant, but then what?I - a man self-sufficient, and I want to rest at home.Where you need to sort things out, there is no relationship.You can, of course, to clarify the situation and once and a second, but if it becomes a regular employment, a house does not want to come back.I do not want to hastily "wear" on the front face of a smile before cross the threshold of the house.I wish I was there waiting for the person who receives and understands me, who may regret and shake when it is necessary.I would not like all the care to fully pass on the shoulders of strong men?It's hard to say ... You can not imagine how happy I was when she came to my apartment, I got into his car, for which she earned!It's an amazing feeling - to know that you can get here such.I do not like to feel someone something oblige.

, do not be tempted to get a car or an apartment as a gift?

Such "gifts" can be taken only by the person with whom the time you have lived in perfect harmony for at least fifteen years (laughs).Otherwise such gifts only to oblige.I even try not to stare at the shop windows, when I walk past them with the young man, because in that case the man is obliged to take the girl by the hand, to go with her to the store and buy her a thing.

Lily, do you believe that you can meet the man "once a lifetime"?

I hope .

Work, work, work ... And how Lily Rebrik rest?

Well, until I rest at work (laughs).This holiday for me - is the sea, disconnected the phone and the ability to fully relax.But for the fourth year I can not afford it.I cut out hours, days to rest.I like to combine business with pleasure, for example, when shooting took place in a beautiful location.Somehow I had two shooting days in Ilyichevsk.Filming began at eight in the evening, and I spent two days enjoying the sea and the beach.And I thought: "My God, it means that I'm doing it right, once I had the kind of happiness!"

But Ilyichevsk far Malibu ...

what?This may prevent enjoy life?There is a phrase: "An actor must be hungry."As a child, I naively thought that meant real hunger - to be in good shape.And actually it that the actor should eagerly absorb all the emotions and impressions.When there is such an attitude to life, and the joy brings all!

How to understand that sexual presenter Lilia Rebrik really important in life?

know, in theatrical circles there is a saying - "look for the verb."If you want to understand the nature of his character, his essence, try to identify him through his actions, what he does?And in life - always need to "seek a verb."This - what you now represent, what is important to you, then what you see around.And what is the verb "find" for yourself now Lilia Rebrik?To work!

Maybe you and the "formula for happiness" is?So and "formula" ... For me it is very important to be a mother ... I do not want this plan - it must knock on the heart.I have to feel it: here is a man with whom I want to build a new house, have a baby, open a new page in my life.It is important to be able to love, and not just allow yourself to love 4.And to be sincere.Sincerity will save the world - I believe it.

Lily advises:

Those who are going to "storm the heights" - to conquer the capital, to learn a new profession, etc.In the profession - to clearly define the objectives and plan the steps to achieve them.And in my personal life?Perhaps, then let everything go as fated.And try to surround yourself with "their" people."Own Circle" - these are people with whom you are interested, mentally comfortable that you support.

What to do when life begins "black band"?

If something went wrong, do not think "Why me ?!" and "Why me?".I took a good school of life and I can say with confidence: every life slap useful - it we learn something.Do you see your mistakes, you analyze them and draw conclusions for the future.Do not build a strategy for the "terrible revenge" for those who did not live up to your trust - simply cross out these people of their lives.You yourself are building your social circle, so for his friends, his enemies and you are responsible for yourself.

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