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"Quartet" - the best comedy quartet

But the women, and what - Zhanna Friske, Grishaeva Nonna Nina Ruslanova - in insult does not give.As is the case with the "Election Day", "Day of Radio", the film "What do men" rose from the play "Conversations middle-aged men about women, film and aluminum forks", after which we have caught to talk Rostislav Hait and Leonid (for friends - just Lesha) Baratz.

Because friends!

«Quartet" - the best comedy quartet and Alex, Glory, on the set was not close to two bright brunettes: Nonna Grishaeva and Jeanne Friske?

During filming, they have never met!Nonna we do a lot of shooting.And Jeanne normally works, it is a professional and just a good girl ... (corrects himself) the girl.

Baratz.Generally, when we wrote a comedy script, we thought that his wife Glory will play my wife.But it was interesting to play Grishaeva wife of Fame.And the director thought that it would be better.And we trust him.

And so your wife play your wife?

Baratz.No, my wife played the comedy girl.And my wife was playing Len

a Podkaminskaya.Director Dmitry Dyachenko found that it envelops softer husband zamuchivaya it.

You have a lot of friends among musicians.Why become a film composer is "B-2"?

Chait.Traditionally difficult question.Why is the music he wrote "An accident?" "Yes, because they are our friends.And why the "B-2"?Because the same!Adequate, talented people.We have long thought that it would be interesting to do with them something big.

Baratz.And in the end, I think we really helped each other.Leva and Shura write very beautiful melodies, which a lot of heroism and pathos.But not enough irony.And here they are perfectly coped with its task, writing music more ironic.But his pathos, heroism in the melodies they give us is also very, very helpful.

first betrayal

Alex, Thank, you're friends from childhood.How to meet?

Baratz.Slava us September 1 in first class put the handle in one pair.A beautiful story.Such a film can not be removed - still no one would believe that's true.Close friends for somewhere so the second grade.Although there was me and another close friend - Vadim Wolf.A Glory ... Look - a good boy, invited him to the New Year.Since then I went friendship.And in the third grade have first betrayal.From my side.Thank begged, he asked to use the toilet.He was not released.Well ...

Chait.Yes, history has turned nasty.I asked Lesha quickly call my mother, so she came and took me.

Baratz.And I could not help - well, how could such interesting news - and told the whole class!

Yeah ... How did your friendship after that did not stop?

Baratz.It was not easy.But I have spent a great job.The leading role played in the reconciliation of my mother's delicious sandwiches wrapped in foil.

In Odessa
like calculating in what tribe you're from Odessa.You yourself think?

Chait.My mother Julia Efimovna - root from Odessa.Papa - from Belgorod-Dniester.They met with the pope when studied at the Institute of Civil Engineering, one faculty, but at different rates.My mother did not have the technical ability, so Dad helped her term papers to write, even the "defense" projects with her rehearsed.And then he became a famous master and artistic director of the Odessa KVN comedy.

Baratz.Oh, and I have a lot of generations of inhabitants of Odessa.I do not even dare to think.My father Grigory Isaakovich was formerly a journalist, is now a businessman.Mama Zoya Isaevna - teacher, later - Methodist kindergarten.

Tell me, what were you creative success in school?

Baratz.Home comedy work was informal, not on stage.For example, the portraits of the leaders outweighed odious capitalist states and the people's democracies.So we Pinochet was "a fighter for the ideals of socialism," and Erich Honecker and Todor Zhivkov - a "dictator."

, it would be with your parents, if they were joking.

Chait.I do not know.In the 70s, too, none of this would not have been.When Stalin died, many were crying.When Brezhnev ... HUB Zone, sadly, gone all the adorable character of the jokes.

You once told me that in his youth exchange with Lesha promise: if one of you does not go to theater school, then another will go.The oath was given in Moscow on the Sparrow Hills as Ogarev and Herzen?

Chait.No, the train "Odessa - Moscow."Alex was well prepared for the exam itself was a competition, and I enter a very contributed Michal Mikhailovich Zhvanetskiy.Upon receipt was happiness.It is understandable that the next couple of years will be very, very good.You can enjoy life and at the same time know that you spend time with properly.

Baratz.Train all played a special role in the fate of "Quartet" - the best comedy quartet.With our best friend Nona Grishaeva I just met on the train.I went to Odessa.I went into the compartment, look - beautiful girl.Conversation turned from Odessa.And we started to brag about each other.I say that, among other things: "I entered the GITIS ..." And it is exactly the same tone: "I'm in the" Pike "learning ..." She plays in our three performances.

, students Baratz Chait and settled in Moscow?

Chait.We rented an apartment for two Preobrazhenskaya Square.Of course, to take root in the new location was not easy.For the first time a course of six flew to Odessa.Very much missed.But there were also positive aspects.As well two students live without parents in a separate one-bedroom apartment.But Alex made a nonsense.Even then I began to seriously look after his future wife and soon moved into a hostel.And a couple of years married.Absolutely stupid story!Well, no, everything is clear: love, marriage, children.But to compare all these pleasures with living with a friend in a separate apartment in Moscow, when you have your own room ...

Baratz.Recently I also realized what a folly - married 21 years!My family is good.And I certainly do not regret that I did that stupid thing, but give yourself a report, yes, a fool!

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