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Director of Ukrainian House Natalya Zabolotnaya

day when she changed her future

One beautiful June evening on the streets of Cherkasy wandered pretty, well-dressed woman - shoulders down, on the face of discouragement.In the opinion of foreign life Natalia went well: she graduated from the Pedagogical University, received a diploma, and even - as one of the best students - the distribution of the elite school.But she did not want to be a teacher!He entered the department of Ukrainian philology just because the city had only two universities: Polytechnic and Pedagogical Institute - and Natalia, the girl home, at school - the eternal horoshistka, even did not dare to think about how to go to the big city.And now she was ready to cry on future prospects.

before his eyes suddenly flashed a sign of urban employment center.Obeying a sudden impulse, the director of the Ukrainian House Natalya Zabolotnaya came to the door.A man came out to meet her, "Sorry, we are closed!" - "Please help me!" - She pleaded.- "What happened?" Hurry up, talked about the t

rouble.The man paused, looking at her appreciatively."You know, now it's just a strange announcement:" Wanted sociable, cheerful, cute. "Maybe take the risk? "Natalya nodded eagerly.Although she was meek and being in the spotlight, instantly poured paint in his heart considered herself a fervent, militant and fearless.Such was her mother - convivial, with the same sense of humor, who met adversity, a lover of folk festivals and Ukrainian songs.Dad, teacher of drawing, was different - thin, intelligent, kind and romantic.The parents could not get divorced soon after birth youngest daughter - Natalia.In it, these two principles - humility and lively character - intricately intertwined.

As it turned out, the announcement gave a new advertising newspaper, which recruited agents of advertising space.The first visit to this as Natalya made a major commercial company close to home.Samples to see the director, for a long time and in detail told what fees, benefits for customers, and only then noticed that the director and his deputy, barely holding back laughter."My child, you read the output of the newspaper?After all, we - its founders. "By a curious episode energetic girl remembered, and soon she has become a journalist, and later deputy editor in another, more serious project of the same investors - socio-political weekly "Provincial Gazette".Her subsequent career success, anyway, have been linked to the sudden rush to change the fate.

day when she realized her dream

Once Natalia decided to become a publisher.That is not quite true - she just thought it would be good to release a series of best-selling Ukrainian.Pretty smiling blonde very controlled printing, takes the book from the printer, carrying shopping, to conclude treaties.In the first edition was followed by another, even more interesting - "Anthology of Ukrainian terror" Natalia suddenly recognized as one of the 10 best books of the decade at the Lviv Book Forum.It was later published several dozen children's books, which are now trying to read and her own children.

Of all the components of the success of the director of the Ukrainian House Natalya Zabolotnaya was one: the willingness to take risks to win.No start-up capital, experience or professional consultants or support a loved one.My mother died of cancer early, even before the father died, the elder sister of his own life, and the young konkistadorsha was completely left to itself.It has ceased to blush any jokes, I felt much more confident thanks to the aura surrounding a respected journalist of the newspaper, he became a star in Cherkassy and now dreamed of the conquest of Kiev.To ease the way, I decided to buy the car, took the credit, without thinking about how to pay it.

«I am to this day, first buy button, and then you coat the fabric on - laughing Zabolotny, remembering his youth.- And then I had this ... there is a good Ukrainian word - "zuhvala."Provincially, direct, sociable, open.In Cherkassy kept me nothing - neither the parents nor the favorite work or cavaliers - seemed decent left.I wanted somewhere to escape. "Feeling heady and frightening freedom - that's what it beckoned.And one day she performed her cherished dream: to own village "Daewoo Nubira," silver, play music, and shoot the breeze on the first Cherkassy dam on the Dnieper, and two hours later - at Khreshchatyk.Along the main street ... and I would like to add - with the orchestra.He's really sounded in Natasha's soul.

Day, when it became a very important person

One day the director of the Ukrainian House Natalya Zabolotnaya proposed the establishment of the press center of the Ukrainian House.By the time her back was already working in the "Presidential Gazette", where she was taken by the fact that she often came from Cherkasy to the presidential press conference and managed to make friends with the press-service.In parallel, doing PR for a certain political party, it is hoped that after the victory in the parliamentary elections will be the spokesman of the first face.However, the boss refused her services: the close presence of a beautiful unmarried woman could cause unwanted gossip.In politics Natalya disappointed, "Bulletin" ceased to pay salaries, and she again, as in his youth, was in a state of uncertainty: what to do?What is she really like?Publishing stalled, fed up with journalism."I'm a man eager for me to write an article on the two-lane, and even in such a conservative newspaper - torture, - says Natalya.- Always jealous of news reporters and TV people. "

Finance, of course, sang songs.Natalia remembers how once had to ask to pour gasoline tanker exactly five hryvnia, because more money was not."I lost my wallet, I'd get home," - she murmured shyly and smiled brightly employee filling.Two loans, unstable income, ahead of the unknown ... And though she had powerful friends, not dare to ask for a loan."I will come to the office, poulybatsya, buy a new book, leave, and then crying in the car - says Zabolotnaya.- I - as Bulgakov's Margarita, "I never asked for anything!Do nothing, and especially those who are stronger than you.They offer themselves and give themselves all! "Find yourself in 20 years, of course, but 30 are capable of only a very courageous or very reckless people.In Zabolotnaya combines both.Plus an incredible capacity for work and entrepreneurship.Having received the proposal for the establishment of the press center of the Ukrainian House, she argues got down to business, has developed a style, decorate the room is arranged so that the opening of the press center was made by the Prime Minister ... "I was given a shovel in his hands - and I dug"- Natalia laughs.It is easy to laugh at all, it is - the exact opposite of the previous director of the Ukrainian House, honored the retired official's rank.She did not think about the position while not included in the clinch with another headmistress - they changed almost every six months."I can not argue, do not like conflict, so I only had two choices: to leave and lose their job ... or to become a director of the principle of" if you want to defeat the mafia, it must lead. "Natalia twisted ram's horn in his independent nature, involving all communications and even brown-haired woman in disguise decided to look more impressive.Later, however, he repainted back.While she was sitting in the hairdresser's, somewhere in the high spheres of someone he raised his hand and traced the final signature to the document.Brisk girl got into the hands of a huge concrete mnogopalubnogo helm of the ship and submission - a team of 160 people.

day when she fell in love not to man

day meeting Cherkassy fraternities Natalia met a young businessman named Igor.She did not allow the thought that it would be a novel.At first, just the text "Ironically," he did not like it.Too young, undignified.How many girls who grew up without a father, Natalia ran to the older man (albeit at the price of solitude on weekends and holidays).

However, Igor held another meeting, which changed everything.He later admitted the director of the Ukrainian House Natalya Zabolotnaya that broke up with his ex-wife, has set a goal: to get 40 right after the new family and children.So one of the two knew exactly what he wanted.A year after the appointment of the new director of the "Ukrainian House" has walked with a round tummy.Maternity leave does not take, and when the first-born was three months, went back to work."This place has got me hard, I gave him too much mental energy, so they are very expensive.So, swallowing tears and left her son in the care of a nanny and went to work.However, Bogdan fed up to six years - three times a day, came home, good, too flat in the center.At night, he has requested eight times, and by nine in the morning to work for me.But there was a slim without dieting. "

History repeated itself with baby Catherine, who is now two and a half.Husband-MP is not too endorses dedication wife, forever chuckles: "Nine o'clock, and you're at work.What no one else Ukrainian caretaker's house?"But recently, Natalia accidentally overheard her husband on the phone telling someone about her successes, and his voice was undisguised pride."That's what I always wanted - to me someone proud ...»

day when she made the impossible

One day she decided to change the "specialization" Ukrainian House.Previously, the main income comes rent: there were political forums, business conferences, round tables and children's Christmas tree.Now all this too, but because of the crisis, business activity declined markedly.But the rapidly booming Zabolotnaya created a new direction - the art-exhibition activities.Even before the order was issued for her appointment, Natalie decided to hold the first art fair.She had no experience, no contacts in the artistic environment, or special education.But the enthusiasm of all the swim.At first, she decided to put works from private collections of famous politicians, giving a light show "yellowness", many visitors were interested not so much paintings as the owner's name on the label.Art critics have condemned the exhibition of eclecticism.But the director of the Ukrainian House Natalya Zabolotnov difficult to knock off track.After a couple of years, experts waved and said, "What do you mean, what kind of sculptural beauty?Sculpture in the doldrums, it is nobody cares ... "For the first time sculptors, indeed, had to lure, and now, three years later, in Kiev, the real boom began sculpting!As a bonus for visitors from Europe Natalia brings masterpieces of the great masters - in the past year, for example, Rodin's "The Thinker" and the surreal Dali women.Sincere joy she delivered entries in the guestbook, left not only venerable art historians, but also intelligent old men and women who have never been to Paris, and happy that saw works by Picasso, Zadkine, Giacometti ...

«Friends often dissuade meof the shares, which seem to them a failure, unworkable.And I feel that it is real, even though there is no reason to like.Of course, there are times when anxious, depressed, but then I say to myself: "Pull yourself together!The main thing - do not stop!For a big goal to go step by step! "And start working."

Ukrainian house is now
suits four major specialized art fairs a year.They come foreign curators, representatives of auction houses, among the guests a lot of VIP-persons and, of course, artists who jokingly nicknamed Zabolotnov "housewife."On their own money Natalia publishes a monthly magazine about contemporary art in support of these actions, which at first was addressed only to "own", but with a touch of Natasha's hands began to disperse decent circulation.

passionately fascinated by art, she began to collect ("I - Taurus, all I like, immediately want to own!").Already having philological and legal education, art criticism has decided to eliminate the gap, and enrolled in the correspondence department of the National Academy of painting and architecture.It improves your English, is involved in many social events ... As it manages all?Otgadka simple: Natalya is able to part with the past and is not afraid of the future, because it so easy steps.