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The famous and beautiful Xenia Alferov

hard to be the daughter of famous parents?

In our country, this factor is severely hampered.Abroad acting dynasty honored.If the daughter starred in a movie with a famous father, talking about it only positively.In Russia, immediately see this pull.I find it funny to hear it: in the acting profession clout may take place, but the viewer is not forced to watch a movie with talentless artists.And the performances in the theater certainly will not go.Now you really miss the adoptive father of Alexander Abdulov?

I have collected a lot of questions for him as a man.Alas, now I can not voice them ... but to communicate with them more often than when he was alive.I know he's somewhere nearby, talking to him and I know that now I had additional protection in heaven.

Xenia, his biological father as the Bulgarians perceive?

I am on this subject do not like to talk.Soon the screens will be released film I rented on the Pope - Alexander Abdulov, in this picture, I tell a little about his biological father.My

dad is one - Alexander Abdulov and me that is enough.No matter children - to forgive or not forgive their parents: they will understand each other.

, you now not only an actress, but also a married woman, a young mother.How to feel like being in these roles the famous and beautiful Xenia Alferov?

Perhaps adult lady I do not feel, and perhaps it never will not.My grandmother "fanatical hooligan 'and very young soul in his 80 years.Therefore, the lady - it certainly was not me!There has always been focused on the family: dreamed of a big house, love for life and only husband.Works for me, too, is important, but is only a way of expression, because the energy and different ideas are beaten out of me the key.It was convinced: the main changes occur in a woman when she becomes a mother, not when a man and a woman begin a joint life.It does not matter: a couple legally registered or not.For example, we Egor after the wedding, in November 2001, decided to get married.It was our deliberate step.

For many wedding ritual - a tribute to modern fashion.

not accept the word "fashionable┬╗
.We just felt the need to Yegor in the sacrament of marriage.But the father did not immediately allowed to get married, citing the seriousness of the act.After debunking the procedure does not exist, and the ritual is done in heaven.If a woman over time, another man - it would be a sin.Because after the wedding her husband one - on earth and in heaven.I advise everyone to think twice before making such an important step.What changes after the wedding - I can not articulate.Probably, there is a stronger sense of responsibility.It is very beautiful, adult and burdensome for me.This is the couple brings.And after the birth of a daughter Dunya I began to love him very much.To understand what the child's upbringing and nurtured by the family - my main vocation of women.And the work - because so far.When the baby was born, there was a sense of harmony, and I realized that I became a full-fledged woman.I suddenly felt all currently hold: do not mean the shape of the nose or the length of the legs, and the general feeling.

Xenia, who cares for her daughter Dunja
while you are traveling?

and a half years, I was sitting with the child, nursed and did not worked.This month, Dunya three years old, and now it has been the nurse.But I'm trying all his spare time to devote to my daughter.When a child in the family, some men are jealous of the fact that children taken from them the attention and love of a woman.

Yegor can quickly grow up.Before, he took care of the child better than me, and with great pleasure: change diapers, bathe.I do not know where he learned it!It's funny, when men are jealous of their own children.On the contrary, they are obliged to protect a woman with a child from any external adversity.In addition, a year later, when the baby is already beginning to walk, lost balance of relations "man - woman" is leveled, and the man does not feel deprived.But it depends on the woman.Which one of you two trying to align the personal balance?

Naturally, I
.Just at the beginning can not be otherwise, because the mother beside her child 24 hours a day.

Later it must again become his wife and the woman ceased to be just a mother.This is a complex process of restructuring is to become sexy and attractive again, to get rid of excessive focus on the child.Some girls are afraid to become pregnant, so as not to spoil the shape.You did not have to say goodbye to your fears harmony?What kind of nonsense these fears!I quickly came to the form.Many swim.Just do not eat bread in large quantities, and replace them with vegetables, fruits and cereals - what is useful for the child.That lady complexes because of the weight, blame the man who voiced it.How can a normal man does not love the slightly rounded tummy after childbirth for women or slightly change the chest ?!I wonder how you were a kid?Unproblematic.My mother and I were friends she never pressured me your opinion.Really I do not like the process of education.After all, children - absolutely perfect creation, full of character and temperament.And my job as a mother - not to spoil its natural inclinations and to provide every opportunity for full development.So I was brought up by my mother.She said: "Every person must make mistakes in order to understand life."However, from a global miss my mom has kept me.How often do you give vent to emotions in family quarrels?

Xenia, who is the first to a truce?

In any quarrel we speak, and not scattered about the rooms.Do not be afraid of quarrels: they help to understand the origins of the conflict.Otherwise, all will end in divorce, and the couple would part enemies.The main thing - do not slam the door, and sit down and talk about mutual claims.As parents embraced Yegor Beroeva when you brought him home as a potential husband?

Even if he categorically did not like them, no one would I had never said.This is my choice and I live with it, not my mother!She understands, and even if it Yegor something not liked - their opinion mother left to themselves.So still I do not know: I like Yegor my mom or not ... In one interview you said that you were not in the role of her husband, the actor.My mother was in solidarity with you?

We met with Yegor during a press conference "First Channel".He was a young actor of the Moscow Art Theater.I'm sure that my mother wanted me to husbands respectable banker or financier stable, no less!Because the actor - employment frivolous.Also among the actors are very few men (I do not mean sexual orientation) is a purely female profession - to be seen, like ever.My father, Alexander Abdulov - a vivid example of a man who was able to stay in this craft man to the bone.Perhaps,

Egor - also an exception in this regard

Xenia you at the press conference, tried to get his attention?

No, I won it.It was his idea.I just took courtship and responded to Egor is not the first time.He was nice to me, but no more.Our convergence happened unnoticed.Sympathy arose at once, but I could not for a long time for themselves to articulate what is happening to me.And then I realized that I was missing the company Yegor, whom I very comfortable.I decided - this is love ...

Xenia, what you find it difficult to find common ground with her husband?

He is very punctual and pre travels to all the meetings, and I was chronically late and I can not just leave the house.So we have two cars and not one - this was the solution to our problem.Even my husband is inclined to think every move, but I do everything spontaneously and do not like to build far-reaching plans.Egor - doubt pessimistic by nature, and I - an optimist and always hope for the best result.And what man does not attract your attention?Without a sense of humor, self-irony and sharpness of mind.I could not get along with such a man.When a person to himself seriously - it's awful!I love to make fun of someone, but not evil.In many ways the happiness of the family depends on the relationship with her father.

Like the famous and beautiful
Xenia Alferov evolved understanding with the husband's parents?

people I am able to quickly and non-conflict to find a common language.Yegor too docile nature.We do not live with their parents - and rightly so.Mom and dad both spouses may be ideal, but if they all live under the same roof - tranquility in the family will never happen.We have our own lives, they have - their own.We go to each other's homes, and communicate well.Each family - individual galaxies, with their way of life and energy.

believed that all mothers are like daughter Ksenia, as you are similar to your mom?

In many ways, even by external data.More and more often I catch myself that doing or talking in my mother's way.Perhaps it is inevitable.She raised me by example.With your child, I talk as well as his time mom with me.And what you and your mom perfect antipodes?My mother - an introvert, and I'm much more active.She loves solitude, and I like big noisy companies.If you have trouble with whom to share your feelings: with mom or friends?At my age it is not run crying to his mother, and communicate with friends.I have a decent friend.I never faced betrayal and cunning female friends.I think, and not have to.They say you are good draw ...

the famous and beautiful Xenia Alferov many different hobbies: I can deal with modeling, knit, draw.This occurs spontaneously.I draw rarely inspired and mostly what I see.I start to learn Italian, because we Egor Dunya and often live in Italy.Another studied English, French and German.Do you have a house in Sicily.Why there?South Italy - incredibly temperamental, beautiful landscapes, people are very emotional, passionate man.Italy - my second home, I am comfortable there.

Xenia, which traditionally moved into your own family from their parents?

Every year the whole family
, with friends, be sure to mark Feb. 6 - name-grandmother Xenia, which is also my great friend.On New Year's get together is problematic, and in this day almost everyone can.You are a graduate lawyer and served great expectations in this area.Then he switched to film and theater.Do you regret?

The fact that my mother's side all the relatives - the lawyers, and my grandmother, even bears the title of "Best Lawyer Novosibirsk".So I decided to study at the Moscow State University Faculty of Law.She trained in the UK at a big law firm and then worked for a while in the British law firm in Moscow.I try their hand at a legal career, but realized it was not my calling.And determined to do only what I like.This is my life principle.The press was a rumor about the "office romances" Yegor Beroeva and Olympic figure skating champion Ekaterina Gordeeva, with whom he rode in the "Ice Age".They also talked about the fact that you're out of it does not want to participate in the continuation of the show.In all this is the truth?

We Yegor with a huge surprise
learned of this news from the pages of newspapers.It's unpleasant, but I'm not going to all be explained.Tabloids - the trouble to our family and loved ones.After these items have to reassure them.The "Ice Age" - great work.We had a lot of training plus everyone - family and work.Not every bear such loads.Therefore, there was no physical strength nor the time to start on the ice novels.We came home and immediately went to bed, falling from exhaustion.First, we found it funny, but now the story dragged on too ... Like your mom accepted the gossip about Egor?Mom just look into my eyes and she immediately understands what is true and what is fiction.In my opinion, I did not make an impression unhappy, betrayed woman ... We Yegor have something to lose - each other.

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