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Great empire Estee Lauder

great empire Estee Lauder has its origins in a small kitchen spouses Lauter (later it was decided to change one letter in the last name), where Arenas has prepared its first cream.Now, however, the share of her company, of which joined the set of subsidiaries (including Clinique, Aramis, Origins, MAC and Bobbie Brown), accounts for about half of all US cosmetic market.

Before marriage bore the name Este Mentzer.Her father was a native of Ukraine, his house under Chernivtsi survived until now, Este even visited this place, being already at an advanced age.Mother Este, Rosa Shotts, was ten years older than her husband, so carefully monitor themselves and little Este wanted to be like her mother.Their family lived in poverty, Este was the youngest of seven children.

When she was six years old, they moved to her uncle, dermatologist John Skotts.Creams uncle's cooking Esther tried to imagine and surprised they produce an effect on fire to create creams alone.Later, it was with the help of his unc

le Este will be the formula of his first four creams and realizes his destiny.By the way, despite the fact that the creams are prepared in a conventional home plate, several beauty salons interested in this product, becoming the first buyers of the future of perfumery and cosmetics empire Estee Lauder.

Marry a girl out and not finishing school.Her husband, Joseph Lauter, was an accountant by profession.He supported the initiative of the wife, and in 1933 the couple gave the phone book for the first advertisement for the sale of cosmetics "Lauter Chemists".

Their marriage lasted nine years, but the relationship of the spouses have reached an impasse and Este, taking the initiative, filed for divorce.However, in 1942, life again pushed the couple and this time they have lived for forty-one years together.

now Lauder was the first small restaurant in Manhattan, which they converted into a small factory.Nights at the factory work in full swing - to create tools that sold Este day.

From the very beginning of their family business Este decided to achieve the prestige of their products.Because she refused to sales at pharmacies and small supermarkets.Este was confident that the prestige of the product is determined by the place where it is sold.Such a strategy of promotion and distribution of goods was a decisive step, to determine the direction of the entire company for many decades.

At Estee Lauder had two sons - Leonard and Ronald, they, and their wives, active Este easily admitted the family business.All her family loved and respected Esther and she was inordinately generous to him.

Este really appreciate the comfort of home, because it sought to bring to the job and the company, because soon its office staff began to resemble the home office.

company Eta Lauder grew more and more.To whet the interest of buyers to their products, Estee start giving away small probes creams.Many of its competitors are openly ridiculed the idea, but it worked - women with pleasure creams Este tried to give detailed advice on its products and soon the company's sales have increased significantly.Este managed to calculate that such actions lead to the formation of women's attachment to her brand admiration products, and hence - will advise the woman cosmetics girlfriends, bringing the company of new buyers.Now, with the light hand of Este, distribution of free samples has become commonplace for almost all perfumes and cosmetics companies.

Despite excellent marketing moves, the main asset of this strong woman has always been high quality products it kremov.Chtoby to convince the owner of the prestigious department store Saks, located on Fifth Avenue, to take up the distribution of its products, Esther took improve ...the complexion of his daughter.My own eyes saw the effectiveness of the proposed Este creams, the owner agreed.

Revenues continued to grow all.All the money earned naprodazhah Este spent on the further development of its business - invite you to cooperate experienced professionals, opened research laboratories, boutiques and brand recently outbid competitors.

Este elected for the company concept of "fast and efficient", considering that women do not necessarily spend a lot of time to care for themselves.This slogan met enthusiastic support on the part of buyers, being extremely effective.

About antics Este legends.Who has not heard about her eccentric act when Este broke the bubble of their new perfume, publicly calling your name!

Another innovative move Este had the idea to dress in comfortable lipstick metal containers.This innovation had to taste demanding secular ladies.

Este to think carefully about their own image, spending a lot of money.Until old age she dressed brightly, opting for bright colors and extraordinary cut.Besides this activity lady constantly moved from America to Europe, settling the company's affairs.

In the 50s the company Estee Lauder ranked third in the US market, second only to such brands as Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein.Este did everything possible in order to have its brand associated with luxury shoppers, elegance and refinement.For a small family-owned company has developed into a real empire.Great empire Estee Lauder.

She managed to promote their products on the market, even the Soviet Union: in the eighties its products appeared on the markets of Leningrad, Kiev and Moscow.

This success of their business Este explained his own unshakable faith in the products.

From Affairs Esther moved after her husband's death, when he was in a very advanced age.Her eldest son Leonard was elected CEO.Later, the case went to the grandson of the founder - William Lauder.He has already told us about his plans for the company's policy on the market: decided to head for the younger shoppers.In addition, William is going to abandon the policy of "absorption" of small brands and leaving the last basic strategy grandmother, reach the mass cosmetics market.Well, time will tell what will come of this venture.