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Mom daughter Milla Jovovich

Ring in boots.

Milla was born on December 17, 1975 in Kiev.Mother - Soviet actress Galina Loginova, who played in the well-known and popular films like "Shadows at Noon" and "Much Ado About Nothing."Father - a Yugoslav pediatrician Gods Jovovich.Paternal grandfather was in conflict with himself Tito.Gods first moved from Yugoslavia to the USSR, and then went to England and emigrated to America.Galina was harder to leave, but the woman being enterprising, energetic and stubborn, she finally made it.Millet was 5 years old when she was in the United States.

When Galina and her daughter accompanied at Sheremetyevo, the border guard ordered her to remove the ring, unspecified in the declaration.But the actress showed resourcefulness she only pretended to transmit precious friend, and she quietly put it in boots Milla.So the future of the Russian actress and model was leaving as a smuggler, carrying with him a prohibited cargo.Leaving the USSR Galina was absolutely sure that it is waiting for Hollywood.Bu

t to learn to speak without an accent, she was never able to.Neither the agent she was not interested.Medical education is also the gods were not recognized by the American health care.So I had to work as a servant spouses Jovovich."When I saw myself in the mirror in the form of a maid in an apron and headdress, I burst into tears ... And then I decided:" I play the role, "- says Galina later.Role failed.Galina received excellent recommendations, and in the end she was invited to work in the luxurious mansion of Brian De Palma.It was there that the first little Milla "starred in the movies": she accidentally got on amateur video, when the great director was shooting party at his mansion.Galina Loginova has not been able to accept the fact that in the US it as an actress comprehended such a collapse.Only when Milla became famous, his mother started to calm down and now can afford to answer in an interview with a question about his long acting career, "Yes, there was something ... just does not seem to me!Sometimes Milla includes kassetus recording their young mother, and I can not find myself in this girl jumping and dancing on the screen. "

All but childhood.

Mille had to embody the unrealized dream of the mother.Galina actively pursue a career daughter when she was only a baby, and do not let her out of focus today.The second "L" in the name of Milla Jovovich and her mother made to preserve sound exotic to Europeans: without him the name «Mila» would sound as "Maila".With 9 years Milla appears in the advertisement.C11 s it - fashion model, and posing for pictures with an erotic bias, exploiting nimfetochnuyu sensuality girls.Mother regularly took her to audition.In school - a special, an evening designed for working children (there are in the United States and such) - no attention was paid.The main thing - it looks and skills necessary for a successful career.Milla We had everything: dance lessons, acting, singing and piano, a beautician, a special diet, portfolio ... All but childhood.

Her first role was in the erotic film "Two Moon Junction": Millet 13 years old, she played the sister of the main character, and she herself did not have to undress.A year later, Milla starred in the film "Return to the Blue Lagoon."At this time the main role, which she generously demonstrated its still unblown beauty.At age 14, Milla first rebelled.Fashion photographer Helmut Newton asked her to appear naked in a very frank and obscene pose.Galina insisted - Newton was ready to pay 4.5 thousand dollars a day!However, Milla stood firm.Mother and daughter then quarreled seriously.But how long rebel Milla could not, without a mother, she felt completely helpless.My mother was present during all her shoots, was on duty on the set.Anyone who dared to approach Millet, whether fans or even the desire to socialize with peers, especially waiting for the harsh interrogation of Galina Loginova to identify his true intentions.Well, the same person can not just want to deal with Milla probably pursue some own benefit!Next Galina tried to find out what benefits can get Milla for his career, if we agree to communicate with that person.And if the benefit did not foresee any contact with Milla prohibited.Girlfriends at Milla was not.My mother believed that children's friendships only distracts from the main - from work.Learn dialogue she had after twenty.And she's still not too relaxed feel in a situation where you need more or less close and trusting relationship.

not deviate from the course.

When Millet turned 15, she earned her first million dollars, and her father was sent to prison for fraud with health insurance.For girls it was a serious blow, she sobbed for several days, and her doctor prescribed antidepressants, which, however, my mother would not let her take: harmful.But unhappiness with the father could fundamentally harm the career of a young model.Saving the future of her daughter, Galina Loginova hastened to disown the gods and gave several interviews that her husband never forgiven: in them she exhibited him a criminal and a traitor, and himself and Millie - unfortunate victims of his carelessness.From prison gods are no longer returned to Galina, and another woman ... But Milla's career continued to climb.For the first time Milla married 16 years.Straight from the set of "Dazed and Confused" he fled to Las Vegas.There skorospeshno married 21 -year-old actor Shawn Andrews.Galina was furious.She has done everything to destroy their union.As Milla was still a minor, according to California law, her marriage with Andrews simply annulled "because of the official protest of parents of the bride."

«I then talked to her" husband ":" Well, Sean, you are now responsible for the management, your wife has got used to the good life ... "He only whispers Millet:" I Love u! "And she criesnext: "A-la-aw ay st-y!".Right kindergarten! "- Says Galina pleased about how to correct the mistake Milla: spread it with a non-prestigious and affluent husband.Then Mille seemed that she would never forgive the mother's relentless tyranny.But the years passed - and now mother and daughter best friends.Milla does not trust anybody as my mother.He mentions it in every interview.He keeps saying that everything is literally all she owes: "My mother is very strict, but she has always lived just me.And I, in turn, never strongly shied away from the course, because I always felt a responsibility to her.For example, I never sat in the car with a driver who drank before that.Just think what will happen to my mother, if something happens? »

reaching as it seemed to the top of the career Centerfolds, without much success playing in the comedy" Kuffs "with Christian Slater and drama" Chaplin, "Milla Jovovich decided to retirecalm and do what she considered a real creative - namely, music.For three years she lived in England, where she performed with his own band Plastic Has Memory, and recorded an album Divine Comedy.She did not become not only great, but even the popular singer.And when the money ran out, Millet still had to get back on the podium and on the set.But music is still her favorite hobby."Music - it is my great passion.I've been recording disks, which are then put online on my page, so that people listened to them for free.Let our lives be something that can not be measured with money! "- Enthusiastically said Milla.Mom with her in this way can not agree: according to Galina Loginova, every step of her daughter has generously paid.But sometimes Milla still allows himself to spend a naughty girl.

jump with Besson.

first film after her "sabbatical" was "The Fifth Element" on-Luc Besso, who glorified as an actress Milla.And he Besson became her second husband.Meeting them was funny when the circumstances.On casting Milla tried to dress up so as to best fit the role, that is to remind the alien.She put on a tall platform shoes, flashy outfit of the avant-garde New York designer, made a bizarre makeup and eyebrows painted over gold makeup.When Besson saw it, he asked in horror: "What makes this vulgar girl here?" Of course, the role of Milla has not received.

But a few days later, Besson and Jovovich met by chance at a party at the pool at the same hotel.Milla was without makeup, and shorts in Topeka, natural, fresh and charming, and the director immediately began to court her, and then offered the role in his new film ... Only after considerable time Milla admitted that she was the most "vulgar girl. "When Luke had seen it, and the glorious inoplanetyanok and noblest of earthly women - the heroine Joan of Arc, the French people.Interest in the way Jeanne was the couple shared.Besson has long been collecting material for the film, and Milla wanted to play this role, believing that with Jeanne in her lot in common, and the figure will look good in armor.Luke became the second official spouse Milla.Now the actress was an adult according to the laws, and my mother could not get her to go away with the elect.Yet Milla advance afraid to tell her mother that marries again."You know how I found out about their wedding?- Galina Loginova recalled.- Milla left a message on the answering machine from Las Vegas: "We got married!Mama!We got married and jumped from 13 thousand feet! "... Can you imagine?With a parachute!But I've always felt - not for long. "Galina everyone was unhappy with the new chosen one Milla.Even when Besson bought his young wife castle in France, his mother-in-law continued to complain about Russian: "Yes, Luke bought a chateau in Normandy, Millet.Dorozhennuyu estate - 200 acres of land, including forest and the river.I begged her, "Honey, do you want to castle?Buy yourself in New York buy in Los Angeles! "That's just Luke was convenient to keep her closer to him and his house.True, too, the three of us traveled a lot.At Christmas, left for Peru and Morocco ... And when I decided to take a medical business, Luke helped with money ... But the "Joan of Arc" is over ... Now - Mill in New York, and its castle - France! »

They lived together for two years and broke up due to satiety with each other.However, Galina Loginova claims that Besson too often betrayed her daughter, and that Milla just could not stand it.But can you believe her?Galina did not say a good word about any of those who loved her daughter, neither of the lovers Milla, nor her friends.


agreeing to thrash role in the film by Paul Anderson's "Resident Evil," where her character had to fight with an army of zombies, Milla and could not assume that is about to enter another round of popularity.However, work on the role was heavy."I always perform stunts herself, but then repeats them understudy.And there is already the director decides which insert into a double film.I trained for four months before the last film.After all, we had to work at night, in the bitter cold.The director does not want to see the ballet with flights on the ropes, but real, real fights.And I had to crush a lot of things and people.When it was five in the morning and want to go home, good to break somebody's head! "- Milla recalled with a laugh.

film grossed surprisingly good box office.Immediately, it was decided to do a sequel "Resident Evil - Apocalypse 2".Later Milla starred in the third part of the blockbuster.With Paul Anderson she appeared protracted affair.All were waiting for the actress and director finally announced their engagement, but while they talked only about the creative plans."We have not officially engaged.Perhaps because both are very busy - Milla explained.- We are very close.But it is unlikely I will marry, knowing the person is less than five years.I was important to make sure that we are perfect for each other that I let him into my life.Suddenly today it like my independence, and then he will be wondering why I did not dedicate all his time to it. "The image created by Milla in "Resident Evil", as directed by Kurt Wimmer impressed that he invited her to star in his new project, a large-scale fantasy "Ultraviolet".Milla gladly accepted."I love science fiction, - says Milla.- It gives me the opportunity to live in a different world and dream up the most, especially when you walk into some kind of way. "Moreover, after demanding Anderson she was very easy to work on the platform "Ultraviolet": Milla here more often replaced understudy, and some tricks simulated by computer.

Russian roots.

«I am very proud of my Russian roots.That willpower, which I feel in myself, I fully owes its origin "- in almost every interview says Milla Jovovich.It - Hollywood actress rare non-US origin, which openly advertises its "Russian character".

that Milla Jovovich, who are interested in Russian history and culture.She reads a lot of Russian classics: the truth, translated into English.But in Russian it speaks quite well.Dream Milla - to play the last Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna.And yet - Anna Akhmatova, which not only her favorite poet, but also an idol, a role model.However, so far it has failed to anybody interested in this project, but Milla seriously looking for a script about Akhmatova.She hopes that if there is good stuff, for it can take Paul Anderson: even the love of it, and as a wedding gift.But Galina Loginova until the end was sure that no wedding would be.Not least because Paul is not so famous and wealthy man, a need of her daughter, but she, like most Russian Moms adult daughters, literally plagued Milla requirements as soon as possible to have a baby.Galina herself became a mother at 24 years, and Millet, they say, has already passed thirty... For mom Milla chose a very exotic way Furnished offspring: in her opinion, is necessary to follow the example of Jodie Foster and contact the sperm bank to give birth to a child from a genius.This is good for the career, because journalists are delighted provided free advertising!But Milla resisted: "This is terrible!I would love to have kids, but not so wild way. "And she still managed to resist the pressure of the mother.And their relationship with Paul withstood such a test.They got married, they had a beautiful daughter.They are happy together.

After the movie.

Music and Russian literature - it's not all hobbies Milla.She collects dollhouses, loves them to furnish and decorate.Milla is passionate about travel, and mainly to exotic destinations, for example - in the Gobi Desert.Her constant partner in travel is her younger brother Marco, who was born Jovovich gods from his second wife.Galina did everything possible to prevent any relationship between Milla and her father's family, but Marco Milla and friends, despite the opposition of parents and the age difference between them, and found a lot in common.Together with her friend, stylist Carmen Hawk, Milla developing models of clothes.They unsuccessfully launched a joint line Jovovich-Hawk.The first collection "Fall-Winter 2005/2006 Year" was a very feminine: a tribute to the general enthusiasm girlfriends pictures of World War II.But Milla wants to try different styles and dreams of his own factory for the production of clothing.In planning its future, Milla does not think so much about the movie, how much of a career of fashion designer.In the fall they are going to open a boutique in New York."I do not want to be an actress all my life - Milla said in a recent interview.- I dream of becoming a designer, creating fashionable clothes.After all, I work with eleven years and, once in the model, and then to show business, be clear that the girl's age is short and to the age I will be getting smaller roles.I would like to deal with such a matter in which the criteria of appearance, the beauty is not critical.Because I have enough energy to go after a movie that I'm interested. "

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