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Costume designer Ruth Myers

work she greatly facilitated by the fact that even before the beginning of the film she is already well imagine all the characters.

«For costumes Lyra Oxford I used the Pre-Raphaelite colors that seem to me to be present and in the book - says Ruth.- And when she moved to London and dipped into the world of Mrs. Coulter, she is trying to imitate her, to be her reflection.Lear plunges headlong into the new world and soon looks and behaves the same way as they are. "For Nicole Kidman, who played a beautiful but ruthless Mrs. Coulter, Ruth created the most beautiful outfits.

«In his first scene
I appear in a very sexy dress, - said then in an interview with Nicole.- If I had to put it in real life, I would have refused.I even whispered to Chris: "I am very embarrassed!".But this dress helped me to understand my character, because Ruth, coming up with costumes, thinking on behalf of the hero. "She echoed the very costume designer Ruth Myers: "The first scene involving the characters are very important

because they give an idea of ​​their characters, the audience familiar with them.

In its first stage, Mrs. Coulter appears in a dress that shines and sparkles, emphasizing the beauty of her body.This dress speaks for itself - it is one of my favorites. "

Mrs. Coulter, costume designer Ruth Myers had to start from the descriptions in the novel presents this character as a real glamorous woman.The samples glamorous women she took Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.Daniel Craig had to be brought in the form of an English aristocrat, Lord Asriel.With his physique and grace of movement that was not difficult, but also the costumes should emphasize the power and authoritativeness of the character and his fanatical enthusiasm and disregard for convention."When I first started creating costumes for Lord Asriel, we make him a sort of Victorian romantic hero - says Ruth.But when she learned that the role of Daniel Craig confirmed my vision changed.I worked with him before, and I knew that this way he will not do.Then my choice fell on tweed, on the one hand, this is a very noble material, and on the other - quite liberal, as tweed before sewed costumes for travel and sports. "

Thus was born a new way
from costume designer Ruth Myers - seasoned traveler and polar explorer like Amundsen and Scott.Asriel still looked heroically, but the heroism has become more realistic.Ruth liked to work with witches - mostly because of the very concept of these characters.These fearless warriors, armed with daggers and bows, live a century, felt neither heat nor cold and also can fly.At the heart of the images are too Pre-Raphaelite work - especially its images of fairies and mythical characters.Since witches do not feel cold, they wear light clothes of black silk, fluttering in the wind.

work on the costumes took a lot of time at the costume designer Ruth Myers, but she did not regret forces.And the reward was not long in coming."When the dressing came Philip Pullman - then she remembered - I shook hamstring.After all, in his books suits virtually described, only: "She was in a pink dress" or "she wore a skirt to the knee."I've invent itself and therefore was very afraid that he would say that is not so.But he silently walked around the room, looked different costumes.I timidly asked, "Do you like it?".And he said: "They are beyond my imagination.This is what I wanted, but not shown in the books. "Now, that's the best compliment of my life! ".

Journey's End?

Although inspired and dedicated work of the entire crew, the pressure of the Church played a role.From the film it was removed almost all the anti-church component, which negatively affected the story."The Golden Compass" flopped at the box office in the US, and although he collected a good cashier in other countries, New Line Cinema has refused to continue filming.But the author Philip Pullman's trilogy was pleased with the adaptation - in fact it has given millions of people the opportunity to at least one eye to look into his wonderful world.And the rest of the story, they can always learn from the books!