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Sexy Sarah Jessica Parker

Healthy fad Sarah Jessica Parker

The muscle will increased the actress as a child.Sarah Jessica from childhood was energetic: time to not only help his mother with the younger children, but also professionally involved in dance, acting and singing.His first role she had in the musical "Innocent."Then there were the musical show "The Sound of Music", "Annie", as in the theater, but their ambitious Sarah was not enough - she wanted to win recognition in Hollywood.That she was able to participate in the formulation after the broadcaster CBS «is not at ease": a young actress won the role in "Los Angeles history" with comedy megastar - Steve Martin.This was followed by several works, where Parker hardly noticed against the backdrop of the well-known partners: she played in films with Bruce Willis, Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage.And then, finally, in 1998, came the high point of the actress - she took the lead role in the TV series "Sex and the City", which for a long time, glued to her sexy role of the journa

list.Now, years later, the star broke up with sticky way Carrie Bradshaw, and prove to the world: it is - diverse actress, a successful fashion designer, perfumer, a model wife and mother.

always good

have sexual Sarah Jessica Parker have their secrets of youth and harmony: Parker combines exercise and a special diet.The main principle of her training - "load on all the muscles as long as have the strength."She starts the day with jogging and yoga, dances, enjoys karate, swimming, horseback riding and biking.

One of the "fad" sexual Sarah Jessica Parker - proper nutrition.She stoically eating foods rich in protein, lean on fruit and vegetables.Her daily diet is as follows: a glass of iced tea for breakfast, eggs with bacon for lunch, fish or chicken for dinner.Actress smokes and drinks exclusively in the frame carries a pedometer, and ignores the elevator cab, put on the table only favorite foods in moderation.

Diet Snow Queen

hope in a few days to leave excess weight?Arrange a "table of the Snow Queen"!Sarah is eating enough fruits and frozen berries, regales fruity ice cream and milk are low in calories and fat content of no more than 1 - 2%.Snacking every half hour, and does not suffer from hunger.For the body to digest cold dishes, pays twice as much energy than it usually takes to warm the digestion of food.

Care of figure and well being actress wisely includes everyday wife and mother of the family: every day makes long walks with her husband, actor Matthew Broderick and son James, during which they talk, admire the New York and its inhabitants.

makeup a la Parker!

actress can not boast of classic features, but is able to effectively emphasize its advantages.First of all, it's blue eyes.To make them brighter, more visible, it first creates the perfect background: brush evenly applied concealer under the color of their skin, carefully apply make-up nose powder combining light and dark shades, imposes on the cheeks rosy-peach blush.Clearly draws the shape of eyebrows with special shadow or pencil with a brush, because they determine the facial expression.Then, he emphasizes eye color beige-golden hues and visually enhances them, causing the eyelashes several layers of black mascara.And no eyeliner!Circuit century only suppresses the already small eyes Sarah Jessica.She paints lips pinkish-beige lipstick gloss, which imposes a brush, then dry cloth gets wet and does again.Thanks to this technique, lipstick and best kept lubricated.

mane and tail

Another branded chip sexy Sarah Jessica Parker - played by natural golden blond hair shades.The actress protects its natural riches, she is preparing masks and creams that are like locks.For example, if the hair is dry and brittle, star mix 2 tbsp.l.cream 1 h. l.olive oil and 1 hour. L.lemon juice mixture rubs the hair roots, and after 10 minutes rinses with warm water.According to her, such a means strengthens hair, making them alive and shiny.Herbal mask regularly causes: first, pour boiling water (200 mL) 1 tbsp.l.chamomile, 1 tbsp.l.linden, 1 tbsp.l.nettle.After half an hour infusion percolates adds liquid vitamins A, B12, E (in oil) and rye bread crust.15 minutes later, it covers the mass of hair and leave a film on 1-1,5 hours.Then thoroughly washed with curls and nourish them with the addition of air conditioning jojoba oil, olive oil, avocado and glycerin.Have Sarah and the secret bottle transforms any hair.He hides it under the dressing table - a special shampoo for horses' manes called "mane and tail."It is he who gives it shine and strength.


«Flight of the Navigator" (1986)

«L.A. Story" (1991)

«Honeymoon in Vegas" (1992)

«within striking distance" (1993)

«EdVud" (1994)

«First Wives Club" (1996)

«Essence of Fire" (1996)

«Sex and the City" series (1998)

«Dudley fair" (1999)

«Life Without Dick" (2001)

«The Family" (2005)

«Strangers with Candy Cane" (2006)

«Love and other troubles" (2006)

«Sex and the City" movie (2008)

«Geniuses" (2008)

«Did You Hear About the Morgans?" (2009)

most fashionable

actress loves expensive and beautiful outfits can wear them.His favorite designers she calls Oscar de la Renta, Narciso Rodriguez and Isaac Miz-Rahi.Their clothes we can see Sarah in the TV series "Sex and the City."For Hollywood hangouts she chooses cocktail dresses that emphasize the slender figure, waist and visually lengthen legs.Colors celebrity picks-specific feature: deep blue, blue, green, yellow beneficial shade her skin, blue eyes make luchitsya.From the jewelry she prefers pearls, which always looks noble and fresh.There are some things the richest woman in New York you will not see in public - it heels.Miniature Sarah Jessica always wears shoes and sandals heels with pointed toe.

his fashion ambitions
actress embodies the designer's own development: it has released a line of clothing, shoes and accessories Bitten, every thing from which costs no more than $ 20."I want to be a woman, paying $ 200, coming out of my shop with a huge package of excellent clothing and suffered at night, thinking about how much money it has spent," - says the star.Also in its field of interest includes the perfumes: actress released under his own name perfume Lovely and Covet, which immediately gained success with fashionistas around the world.