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Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy

And for real, without pretense happy celebrity couple, they can not afford not to be angry with the following at their heels paparazzi and even specially to amuse them - for example, how did it once Jim Carrey, paraded along the beach in a bathing suit for the womenhandle with Jenny McCarthy.Perhaps the only issue in the relations between these two, which is not haunted by the press and fans of Hollywood gossip is: "Well, when they get married?" After all, the official reluctance to tie the knot for many people, and especially women, equivalent to frivolousrelations.However, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy do not think so.

married twice
When Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are used to seeing together, the "rules of decency" demanded that the Hollywood actor made his constant friend's marriage proposal.Journalists began to insist on Jim Carrey's response - why he lingers with this case, and in what direction to develop their relationship.Actor, surprisingly, did not speak vaguely, and said bluntly: "I'm

happy with Jenny, but do not intend to marry.No marriage, no divorce, that, I think, perfectly. "And then he added: "If you were married twice, then it is time to stop."Kerry knew talking about.His "bumps and bruises" he earned first married to a waitress (and all the waitress in Hollywood, as we know, the aspiring actress) Melissa Vomero.They lived together for about nine years, but as soon as Jim Carrey's career has gone up - it has become a bright star of comedy, starring in the movie "Ace Ventura" family problems began.Divorce should, in theory, to solve them.After the couple separated, daughter, Jane Erin, who was born in this marriage, was left in the custody of the mother, and Kerry began to pay child support in the amount of ten thousand dollars per month plus one-time costs arising from time to time.A few years later, Melissa thought that the ex-husband is not quite true shared with her earned money, and she demanded to increase payments to the court.The motivation was the fact that her daughter can not lead "a prestigious way of life", which was used to.

a result
former spouses failed to resolve the matter amicably, and they continued to bring Jane Erin together, but my first lesson of family life Jim Carrey learned.That does not prevent him from marrying for the second time.Divorce and new marriage took place in his life and not so large as possible, and evil tongues began to argue that Kerry simply threw Melissa fell in love with actress Lauren Holly.However, the part of all was po0chestnomu Jim: Yes, he became acquainted with Holly for another set of "Ace Ventura", but their feelings erupted only set comedy "Dumb and Dumber," when family life Kerry derailed.After a day of actor invited his partner on a romantic date in a restaurant, where the territory of strutting peacocks strolling."Everything was very nice, then Loren remembered until Jim began building peacock faces."The marriage lasted two ambitious star less than a year.On the one hand, it had a positive effect on their popularity, because people are always interested to know the details of stellar novels, but on the other hand, the time to build a normal family relations Jim with Loren was not.So - another divorce, another failed marriage.He fell in love again and again in a partner on the set (oh, those office romances).She was Renee Zellweger, who managed to inspire Jim Carrey in the engagement, in the end so to anything and did not cause.The relationship ended in rupture, and since then, the actor no longer count on the institution of marriage and firmly decided that it will suffice in this regard.

smart blonde
Jenny McCarthy always underestimated.Still - blonde, popularized by images of "Playboy"!Well, for anything other than a candid photoshoot, she good?Yes, at the beginning of his career, Jenny had to make some sacrifices - for example, enlarge breasts, which, once no longer needed, it is reduced.In fact, Jenny was not averse to become an actress, but her good roles can not count.Too bright appearance and legkomyslennvya reputation.However, Jenny McCarthy was a big plus - it, like Kerry, has never been afraid to look ridiculous or funny, and thus can deal with comedy roles.One such successful examples, which, however, went unnoticed for a mass audience, can serve as a sports comedy BASEketall.The main role in it fulfilled the creators of the animated series "South Park" Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and Jenny got the role of greedy widow who thought better of it in the final and went over to the nearby, but goodies.But whatever way she wanted to build a career, life corrected the plans.Jenny McCarthy met the love.A tall handsome blond actor and director John Asher.Together, they looked amazing, soon pozheinlis, and three years later they had a son, Evan.

Then McCarthy
discovered her another talent - wrote a book about the virtues of marriage, sold the rights to print for a million dollars ... and filed for divorce.Disagreements with her husband began during the filming of the movie "Dirty Love."Escher and Jenny had not agreed whether it should act in pornographic scenes or not.But in fact, their marriage came across another very real and serious problem: their child's autism.Since Evan was diagnosed, McCarthy lives become a struggle.She did not want to put up with the illness.The actress was ready to do everything possible to her, Evan became healthy and cheerful child.In the end, she came out.And not the last role was played by Jim Carrey.

Little Evan
When Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy after they met at a party at a friend began a relationship, they are in no hurry to advertise them.Similarly, Jenny was in no hurry to introduce new boyfriend with her son.More precisely, it does not Evan showed a man with whom tried to start a relationship after the divorce.The child was nowhere, and Jenny are cautious.But the sincere interest to melt the heart of Kerry McCarthy, and she decided to submit to it a little Evan.First contact Jim puzzled.While Evan did not speak and persistently avoided eye contact."I used to be able to easily attract the attention of people, when I want, and I tend to get along well with children, so I had to try hard not to perceive the unsuccessful attempts to play with Evan at his own expense.He was focused on something else, and I could not even swallow fire, and he would not notice. "Slowly but surely the relationship of Jim and Evan began to build.Jim Carrey is sincerely trying to make friends with the child."Jim loves him unconditionally - joyfully celebrated Jenny.- He was there when Evan needed it.Between them there was a connection that now nothing can destroy. "As a result, comprehensive treatment, care and attention from adults miracle: Evan began to recover.Jenny McCarthy wrote about his difficult experience of the book to the Council to support other parents whose share dropped similar tests.Well, Jim turned to Jenny real man who is not overawed by the difficulties and did not run at the most crucial moment in her life.

Happy Together
Jenny McCarthy incredibly thankful for the fact that she gave her Jim, as a model and actress keeps repeating in an interview."He is the light of my life, and we love is much stronger than in past relationships.We - soul mates.In general, I believe that we are already married and the papers we do not need.Maybe, when we will be eighty-five and needed tax relief?But in any case we are not going to get married "- laughing McCarthy.When asked how it is - to live with a man who is able to bring anyone into hysterics with their antics, she replies: "Of course, from time to time, we amused each other, but for the most part, when we are at home, we feel just tired.We do not have any special comic ritual, we are with each other, which really is - sincere.That does not prevent us from having a good time together.For example, we love to play poker.It taught me Jim, so I can say that as long as I'm playing a little better than he. "Jenny also often asked whether she wants children from Curry."No.I do not want children.All my energy is spent on it to grow out of Evan's a good man.And I will soon become a grandmother!This is so exciting! "McCarthy hints at twenty-two of Jim's daughter, who is now pregnant and about to give birth in the spring.

Jim Carrey
second favorite: "We are all well with Jenny.And I have a wonderful daughter, who composes music and talent, like my father.And there's Evan - this incredible little man. "More happiness to them and not necessary.Perhaps, in matters of marriage, Jim and Jenny decided to firmly follow the example of the older generation of Hollywood couples - Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, who also did not consider it necessary to formalize their relationship, although living together for a long time and happily.However, in the last year something like marriage and Kerry McCarthy still currently organized: they collected close people on a modest secret ceremony, which vowed to each other eternal love, and then flew on a short honeymoon in Las Vegas.And besides, Kerry made one more worthy of admiration and respect of an act in relation to his beloved.
He opened a special bank account and put him $ 50 million.If to him, God forbid, something happens, Jenny and Evan did not have to worry about anything - Jim has already taken care of them.So, as you can see, true love happens, and real men are not yet extinct.And it would be great if the story of Jim and Jenny served to anyone inspiration!

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