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How to sleep a man and woman?

You will not believe, but feel constant fatigue is extremely harmful to health.A recent study found that if you lose only 90 minutes of sleep, it can make you distracted and irritable about 30%.And if you go to sleep six hours later than you usually do, your concentration and alertness can be just as bad as if you were drunk!So, all the same, how to sleep a man and woman?There are 10 basic tips that will significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

1. The bedroom should be an order.

Even if the rest of your home littered with toys, clothes and more than anything, your main task - not to let it penetrate into your bedroom.It should always be comfortable, clean, there is no room for anything extra.And again try to avoid bright, flashy colors in the bedroom.Let the atmosphere contributes to sleep, not repel it.

2. Watch the temperature.

Make sure your bedroom is well ventilated and it is desirable that the windows do not "beat" in direct sunlight.The best temperature for sleeping between 16 and

+18 ° C, and even minor changes can prevent you from sleeping or wake you up early.It would be equipped with air-conditioned bedroom, but be careful: for it is easy to catch a cold.Warmer winter - too good reshenie.Glavnoe - do not overdo it.Of course, in the cold to sleep unpleasant but, believe me, you hot in this case, too, is a bad ally.

3. Bed - a place to sleep.

Do not use your bed for anything other than sleep (and, of course, sex!).It's not a good idea to disassemble the bed account darn clothes or to sort things out.Let your body get used to that, when you go to bed - it's time to rest.Relax, drop the concerns and problems.You can enable an easy music, light candles - anything.The main thing - peace of mind and relaxation.

4. Observe mode.

Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day - even on weekends.If you "oversleep" one day - it is nothing, but if it happens on a regular basis - it will be trouble.In a "perfect" day of your biological clock may be disrupted.This creates a lot of problems.Many do not know, but most stress, problems with concentration and memory, mood swings - all the result of a failure of the internal biological rhythm.Sleep on schedule - is very important and very useful for the organism.Although often difficult to implement.But strive still worth it.

5. Create yourself a ritual.

Choose one or two things that you do every night before bed.For example, drink herbal tea or listen to relaxing music.This "accustom" your body to the fact that when you start to do it - it's time to sleep.It really relaxes and soothes.By the way, these rituals are useful institution for placing children sleep.

6. Do not worry.

If you go to sleep - forget about problems.It sounds trite and simple, often this needs a little work, but the result will not take long.Psychologists advise to do this: Make a list of the main problems plaguing you.Put it next to him - and forget.It is believed that the presentation on the paper like "puts" all the problems in the system and not to think about them becomes easier.Alarms stimulate the nervous system, making you more active.Lying in bed, you still can not decide all matters and thus also do not sleep enough.

7. Use the "sleepy" menu.

Few people know, but we all love a child warm milk before going to sleep - is not just a treat.It's really a good way to sleep soundly.Milk contains tryptophan.It helps the brain produce serotonin - a chemical that helps you relax.

8. Tired?Go to sleep.

This may seem obvious, but listen to your body - it is necessary.Let goes on television favorite movie, or you did not read the last chapter of the book interesting.Believe me, you do not want to sleep in vain.The brain gives signals that it is overloaded.And it threatens a serious malfunction or disease.And the most harmful - "outstay" dream.Many people familiar with the situation when you want to sleep much, but after an hour of "fighting" a dream vanishes completely.It would seem - you won?Nothing like this!The program brought down inside you.Do not be surprised if the next day the head will crack, feet buzzing, and the mood will be "jumping" from extreme to extreme.And somewhere ahead of looming terrible word - depression.Believe me, do not bring themselves to it.

9. complete without sleeping pills.

Sometimes you may be tempted to take medicine to sleep, but your body should not depend on it.Remember: the dependence of cause virtually all drugs with hypnotic effect!Moreover, their effect may be unpredictable.For example, when combined with certain drugs, hypnotic can only enhance insomnia.Be sure to consult your doctor before taking these drugs!

10. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed.

Try not to drink tea, coffee and carbonated soft drinks for at least five hours before bedtime.Remember, they will act as a stimulant.Avoid alcoholic beverages because, although they help to temporarily relax, they can disrupt your normal sleep pattern.You will be terribly want to sleep, but sleep will not be able.Not a pleasant feeling.This is especially true lovers of late parties.

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