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How not to buy unnecessary things in shopping malls

first thing that motivates us to make unnecessary and frivolous actions as scientists believe, is the music.It is music that has a huge impact on the psyche, to the point that people can immerse themselves in a state of trance.Managers of large stores know that music has a stimulating effect on the purchasing power of buyers.Music can change the perception of a person to a product, create mood and encourage him to make a purchase.Everything is very simple and clear.The fact is that the pleasant sounds, melodic songs, familiar motifs cause our brains chain of pleasant associations.At this point, we are looking for products placed on the shelves, products seems more attractive shortcomings disappear, we have the feeling that we definitely need these products and things.Also, while the sound of music to us is the effect of the so-called 25th frame.Special scientists are engaged in research-sounding music and write music while hidden commands and instructions that we perceive and perform.As a rule, the order
s of "buy", "do not steal".How can you avoid this method of large stores?Or go to the store with the headphones and listen to your music or use earplugs.If you know this technique, which is used by large stores, you will understand how not to buy extra stuff in shopping centers.Equally

trap commonly used to stimulate consumer demand, is the use of aroma and flavor.In this line of work has its own name - Aromamarketing.This difficult and complex science is sufficiently effective and efficient way of marketing exposure.Using aromomarketinga can increase store revenue by 20%.The essence of the impact is quite simple: the trading floor is the equipment that sprays a pleasant scent.Behind the scenes, he gets into our lungs, causing a desire to buy a product that exudes a pleasant aroma.Furthermore, at this point, it seems reasonable price and extremely necessary items.Alas, to completely avoid the impact of this shop for our purchasing power we can not, but it is worth before you put anything in the basket reflect on the importance and necessity of purchase.Knowing this, you will understand how not to buy unnecessary things in shopping malls.

Very often, the shop administration and marketing department using the following method to stimulate consumer demand.In the clothing department installed a mannequin, which is dressed and good quality clothing.Set decorated with accessories, which looks stylish and elegant.As a rule, what is dressed on a mannequin, lying next to him.This is a very subtle move, stimulating demand.We did not hesitate to take a complete set, despite the fact that the hall could be plenty of other attractive things at a more affordable cost.But visual perception is pushing us out to have the same outfit in your wardrobe.It turns out that everything is thought out for us.And we act as guinea pigs.How to be in this situation?First, think, think and think again, and secondly, each store has a fitting room, which is sure to go with a full fitting kit.It may well be that this is not your style, a style or color.Thus, you can protect yourself from buying unnecessary things in shopping malls.Do not be afraid to spend more time in the shop than you took to visit him, it will affect your wallet for the better.

Another method, used by stores to make us buy more than we want and need.Have you noticed that the stores are always things in order, neatly arranged.Dark things are always placed on the lower shelves.The point is that the dark color to our eye is more attractive, and if we see dark thing, the next lying on a light blouse, we do not pay attention.On hangers, clothing sets arranged in harmony with each other.Any woman immediately perceives visually beautiful combination, the original set that motivates her to buy a few things at once.Just to do what they want and sellers marketing department store.To avoid falling into this trap, should carefully examine the things, trying to understand that as you would not go, but sooner or later, you all still have to wear something else, or combined with other things.

next marketing technique stimulate purchasing power - the manipulation of prices.Have you noticed that very often the price tags have a rough value.For example, 999 rub. 499 rub., 1999 rubles.The thing is that psychologically we perceive the first digit.Our consciousness rejects the fact that 999 rubles., Is 1000 rubles.When you buy things with such price tags should immediately head to round the amount to the nearest whole number in a big way.Another common technique: large numbers on the price tags they write the price of goods for the owners of a discount card (which can be obtained when purchasing goods for the amount of 10 000 rub., Or buy it for a lot of money), but for those who do not have this card, the price ofbox office is much higher.If you come across the goods, the price of which is significantly reduced, know that it is likely shelf life of these products is about to end.The following feature is known buyers: we often pay attention to the shelves, which are located to the right of us.They are and have products that are expensive or the product that you need to sell quickly due to the fact that the deadline date.Marketing departments know that we can never reach the shelves, which are located to the left, so they spread fresh and cheaper products.

worth to highlight section of the store, which is located next to the cash register.It shows a bunch of little things that we have to consider standing in the queue.In fact, the checkout area - the most dangerous, for it are the most unnecessary things that need to sell.Chewing gum, sweets, pins, sunglasses, jewelry, belts and so on.All this, as a rule, is not expensive, and the hand itself and stretches to buy something from this.To avoid falling into this trap is clearly for yourself to understand that cash is cheap and unnecessary items, which are not worth the money.In the store you can find something similar, but at a reasonable price.A purchase of any kind of candy, chewing gum and other negative effect on your teeth, figure and purse.So, is it worth it?

In order not to buy unnecessary things in the store, is just being very attentive.Much more interesting is the traps set by the marketing department than most to fall into them.If you are shopping with a girlfriend, then show her the trap, let also learns!

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