Let's talk today about the upcoming spring

So, let's talk now about the coming spring, the flowers, dresses and shoes that will use disposable demand among fashionistas.This season will be popular variety of colors.They at the same time elegant, chic and simple.The global crisis was able to affect the lives of women of fashion, and they began to really spend their savings.

turquoise, bright blue, purple, beige, deep red, yellow, coral, pink champagne color, all shades of green ... The main thing - to experiment with style, do not be afraid to mix colors.Spring 2010 - it's time for bright, self-confident and elegant tigress.

Each babe knows that the hunt for the favorite can not do without dress .This thing - number one in the locker room.So what should we wear in this season?Select Air, the soft tissue.A simple cotton, silk or batiste emphasize your femininity and bright personality.NEW this season - dresses with voluminous shoulders.If you had never worn such a dress or think they do not fit you, you are wrong!In combination with a light mat

erial, provocative or bows with feminine lace voluminous shoulders are a winning solution.These voluminous shoulders will be present in blouses, jackets and blouses.Do not go out of fashion and all kinds of crystals and chain patterns.The color scheme for dresses spring of 2010 may seem a bit restrained.Beige or peach, black or pale white adorn you this season.

remains to determine the style of dress.The trend this year will be considered mini dress metallic color, and dress with a deep neckline and asymmetrical lines.All remain in vogue dresses that are designed to create a romantic image - a long evening dress with a deep cut on the back.Nothing is better not to be able to transfer your elegance and grace, like this dress.

Many designers say that the spring of 2010 ladies will prefer long dresses and not a mini.Let's see.From the distant eighties us return, knitted wool dress.Famous fashion designers have already prepared their collections in this style.

now into the time to choose shoes, because fashionable dress - this is only half the battle.

course, classic shoes !They are definitely a win-win.But the real hit of the season Statute platform shoes.A few years ago, she went out of fashion, but promised to come back, and as we see, did not disappoint us.Shoes, boots, sandals platform - an indispensable one for women of small stature, it gives stability, and most importantly, the leg in shoes on the platform and everything looks elegant and seductive, like stilettos.This season, shoes or even rounded open toe.In fashion sandals and returned with ties and laces, and in conjunction with the platform - a real hit and record all conceivable sales.

If you prefer a sporty style and want to have legs raced strong winds, you will certainly like the look sneakers.They can be classic or trendy.If you prefer the latter, then buy a couple of ultra-violet or bright green.Sneakers have become a symbol of youth era.With each season increased the number of their functions.Now it is not only footwear for sports, but also a way to light up in brand-new sneakers at a party.

The choice is yours: there are only decide how you want to look this spring, to find the style and go to the shops to update your wardrobe.Remember that the spring - a perfect time of year to start a new life and become even lovelier.