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It's time to grown-issues

Your child it's time grown-issues?Learn how to answer them truthfully, but at the same time a child to understand a particular explanation of their child's mind.

One of the most difficult and certainly not children's issues at the answer to that, you need to be careful, it is a matter of death.In this case, if you are not confident in their knowledge, it is better to honestly admit your child that you do not know the answer to his question.In general, kids are given such difficult issues, if they become witnesses of the death of their loved ones.Foolish parents in such a situation may begin to invent some ridiculous story that the baby's grandmother simply went to another city, or very hard to sleep.Lying baby, you simply confuse him.Children's imagination exceeds the imagination of an adult many times, he can head and share his mind, God knows what.The kid does not understand why my grandmother left and said goodbye to him, why she does not call him and misses, so he begins to think that he stopped lo

ving grandmother.If the kid will believe in your story that my grandmother died just fast asleep, he can become afraid of sleep and nightfall.Psychologists often lead such examples from his practice.Therefore, it is best to tell your child that when people die, their soul goes to heaven, which is beautiful and warm.Of course, the child may be very upset, crying.But he will have with this fact gradually realize that everything in the world is mortal, and even mom and dad once die.Your task is to explain to him that this will happen, but not very soon, you have a whole ahead of a long-predlinnaya life.Given their religious views, explain to your child that man is composed of body and soul.His body is mortal, but the soul is eternal, after the death of the body it is flying in the clouds.Children easily and gladly accept such information, it will be safer to know that the dead grandmother is now in the clouds, but not fast asleep, for unknown reasons.

most common childhood issue that baffles many parents - I was born?These questions often asked by children from the age of three.Modifications to this question are very diverse: from where I come from?Masha was born brother like that?Nothing complicated in the answer to this question is no.Toddler quite satisfied if you told him that he was born out of my mother's belly.Tell him how to fish from the egg is formed, and the egg - chicken.The cat has kittens in her tummy.And you, too, wore his tummy, and when he was there closely, you gave birth to him.

If such a response will be for your little explorer is small, he can ask nedetskiy question about where he was, before it got to you in the stomach.Answer it like this: before he came to her mother in the stomach, he was the seed, half of which is stored at the mother, and the other half - the Pope.When mom and dad met, they joined the two halves.For the child's mind the answer will be the most comprehensive and understandable.

Unchildish questions about sex commonly occur in children at an older age, but in modern society is sometimes very difficult to protect the child from the random information about the intimate life of adults, because even children's films sometimes include erotic moments.Passionate kissing and nudity puzzling child.To explain this behavior of adult child, tell him that when adult man and woman love each other, they are together, live together and sleep in the same bed, hug and kiss each other.And sometimes at the same time they can have a child.

Basically kid asks childish complex issues relating to love, life and death.Learn to meet the children's curiosity, without injuring his psyche.

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