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Effect of exercise on cognitive development of children

Exercise, of course, very well affect the mental development of the child.You can stimulate the baby with the help of the logical mind first years of study, and it will be a great victory for your child, but if you do not develop physical health, over time, these benefits will be reduced.In the future, due to the emergence of chronic diseases, mental development of children will be greatly reduced.

child develops and grows.Most of this has benefits for physical activity.Therefore, no need to constantly make the child sit at the table and do not perform any movement, but only to teach, read, etc.And children will not be able to sit undisturbed for a long time, if before that they will not run, that is not made of physical activity.But it is very important that the child does not overdo it, because he does not control his fatigue.For parents, it is important to stop in time to the child, changing activity.

There is an interesting fact that, if the child can no longer control his body well, it is better

to remember the theory for a long time and can apply it in practice.

For school-age child is enough charge in the morning, outdoor games, not very large loads in the evening.Even if this minimum is not met, then it is not very well affect the mental development of the child.For example, worsen the metabolic process, this leads to the fact that the child ceases not helpful, not able to think logically.

good effect on the mental development of the child have a lot of sports.Most considered the best gymnastics.But there are others, such as football, basketball, swimming.

Parents who are able to have a chance to enroll the child in kakuyu- the section on physical exercise and sports.There usually are professionals, and your child will pick up the individual look robots, schedule of classes.It will play a big role, and when he got home, he would immediately sit down at the performance of their tasks.

effects of physical exercise on the mental development of children, it is necessary pridelyat a lot of attention and it requires a lot of effort and patience.For example, if you need child of that - realties learn, better to start with a physical warm-up, or give him to play with other children in the outdoor games.This will not only easier to learn a verse, but also in school excellent.Also strengthen child health.

You must remember that an active lifestyle is good effect on blood circulation, so the elements which are so useful for a young preschooler, disperse throughout the body of the child.Around the body of the child are receptors receive signals from them to the brain of the child.If you perform a sufficient number of exercises, the child will be well developed, both physically and mentally.To the child was well developed, it is necessary to eat properly.And get enough nutrients only through the digestive system, for which need not necessarily great exercise.This will have a healthy appetite, normal digestion of the robot.
There are many factors that have a positive effect of exercise on the mental development of children.The most important thing for parents to watch over this process and stop it, if the child overdo figure out how much exercise is suitable for him.And then your child will be smart and healthy and physically developed.

grow up healthy!

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