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Alphabet letters and for a small child

Norok thousands of characters - many signs in Chinese writing.A lot of?Highly!For a child three dozen letters - it is like Chinese puzzle for you.At least, such a comparison is found French psychologist.Yes, learn all the letters crumbs easy.However, he does it effortlessly.Playfully you.

Unique - cubic

With excellent technique, created by Nikolai Zaitsev, little since two years will be able to not only remember the letter, but also to learn to read.Its success lies in the fact that the author has made an abstraction to concreteness.For example, blocks with sonorous vowels painted in silver color and have a "sounding" voices.But the syllables with voiceless consonants look wooden and sound hollow when they shake.By combining cubes, toddler learns to combine sounds and letters stores.There is in this teaching thing: you need to be familiar with the procedure before starting classes.Despite its simplicity, this kind of training is not for everyone kiddies.If you notice that a child is very tired, in

attentive, distracted, choose another way to explore the alphabet.

Advanced - computer

Laptop with punch cards - so teaches letters modern youth.Just press a button - and the voice call letter.Then turn on the function test: to pronounce the sound, and then the kid is looking for a letter.Similar programs are presented on the Internet.Some supplemented by simple songs about the alphabet and letters for a small child, and short cartoons about the letters.Just do not tighten computer classes - take care of your eyes crumbs!

Innovative - associative

task is as follows: for each letter you want to create an image.Decorate 'A' hooves, head and horns - get "Antelope"."B", provided with a beak and wings, will be the "sheep", "P" ... In general, you can imagine.To begin large printable characters.Then, together with the baby to take for creativity.Alternatively, you can create a "dance of letters."By using certain postures imitate letters ("F" - hands on hips, "G" - the hand towards a palm down).Music rhythmic, cheerful mood, the association with the study - nice!

Slim - aesthetic

Prepare cards, one for each letter.You do the layout - you draw the letters with a pencil.Kid - decorates.One - in the form of a rainbow, the other - as a blossoming cherry branch ... When the work is finished, proceed to the next step.Each card cut into pieces (three or four), mix well.And let crumb lay down improvised puzzle.Finally, it should clearly and distinctly call letter.

Variations lessons abound.You can not just paint the letters, but also do applique of colored paper, ribbons, small pebbles collected at the sea in summer.So easy to remember each letter.

Verified - a vivid

78% of people have vision better developed hearing.Make it so that the letters were kept in sight.Boca refrigerator and decorate the alphabet letters to a young child in the magnet, in the room in the most prominent place to place posters with the alphabet and letters for the young child with bright pictures.Use it to play well in the "Alphabet of darts."Throw a tennis ball in a certain letter and call her.As for the "magnetic media", it is desirable to shift from one side to the other of the refrigerator as the baby will be called the letter.And every day he would be prepared better and better.And your baby class show that discover something new - not boring, but fun.

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