Children // Psychology and development

Development of a baby, and exploration of the world

kid has never been so rushed into the yard as this spring.He is even ready to put on without the vagaries of (although still loves hats and sweaters).Still, the sun warmed!Every day more and more the nature of surprises.Open up the melody of the street: the birds are singing, insects buzzing ... And if you hold your breath and stand still, you can hear the buds!On the unique smell and can not speak.Delicate aroma of cherries, apples and apricots envelops.I want to breathe it again and again!Well, walk in the fresh air is automatically extended.Then, multiply the number of health and impressions.And that daily exercise has not brought surprises, be on the alert.

the expanses

most tame the kids to see flying by ladybug that landed in the grass, they want to follow her.Mom rescues her fidget out of the carriage and let him explore the lawn.Even if your pipsqueak can not walk alone.We'll have to sacrifice the unitard, or some time to put on easily washes toddler clothing (raincoat fabrics, materials w

ith Teflon coating, water-repellent).Of course, its appearance is far from your idea of ​​the accuracy.And hands are!Both smeared with mud!Still would!Scarce strive to touch, feel, mash fingers.You keep emotions under control and do not pull the little infinite "can not" and "do not go", told himself not to worry and to strictly monitor that no blade of grass was in the small mouth during the development of the child and explore the world.And you always have wet wipes.But mind you, they are not enough.

When you get home, thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap.It not only cleanse the skin of impurities, but also saves her from bacteria, helminth eggs.In addition, such soap will create additional protection for some time.So, we can safely continue to study!


Another passion in the development of the baby and the study of the world - watch as bees and bumblebees are turned over almost blossoming flowers mother and stepmother, dandelion, chestnuts.He is also not averse to inhale the wonderful aroma and touch the plants.Surprisingly, it turns out that dandelion leaves a trail of brown and chestnut buds stick to fingers.The child wants to get acquainted with insects.Explain to him to any of them safe to touch: ladybug, soldier beetle, black beetle (but not to the beetle-deer!).If you not familiar with the feeling of disgust and crumb is interested, it is permissible to touch the earthworm, caterpillar, butterfly cocoon, small spiders that fly through the air.Just warn toddler: all insects (except moths) with attractive bright color, usually poisonous sting or hurt.Tell me why you need to watch out for bees, wasps, horseflies, ants (especially red).Please, when you get home, immediately follow the bathroom.Do not forget the soap!

friend human

The children do not realize that to some our younger brothers should be treated with caution.Yes, they are cute and fluffy, they want to pat ... Even after touching the pet cat or dog need to wash their hands, and that talking about stray!And let them familiar and harmless affection and asked to wag their tail, but in fact live on the streets.The only thing you can do for pussies and Fur TV - feed them.Bring home something tasty.However, not permitted to touch!There was a nuisance?The neighbor's dog being played, snatched the baby?Or, even worse, bitten by a strange dog?Stop, do not panic!First inspect the bite: is a wound or indentations from the teeth?Bleeding?Immediately call the "ambulance" or take me to the emergency room crumb!There were slight shock?Anyway, hurry hurry home.Undress your baby and treated with warm water and soap solution bite.The alkali neutralizes rabies virus.Then consult a doctor and tell about the incident and the action taken.

Home affairs

Of course, you will not carry out daily general cleaning, and quite moist.But, you see, the floor of the apartment is not so clean, so that small palms are clean.A pipsqueak so quickly creeps!Most of the games it was up on the floor.Do not worry, soap that you chose for the whole family, and protect the baby here.Importantly, do not forget to thoroughly wash his hands before eating, sleeping, after using the toilet.Teach yourself to use soap: do a great foam, rubbing between fingers.

Unfortunately, after messing around in the sandbox or dirt earth remains, and under fingernails.This unpleasant incident and games with plasticine.Regularly cut marigolds to underneath is not dirty, watch, that toddler is not pulled into the mouth fingers and sucked them without biting his nails.And in the evenings in the bath for 10-15 minutes.Play, splashing, perform mini-heats.Make sure the water will wash out from under the nail any contamination.

neat toys

Experts recommend washing plastic and rubber toys that amused the baby, at least once a month during the development of the child and explore the world.Pets should be soft with the same frequency to send to the washing machine.In addition, at least occasionally exposes the children's collection in the sun (for example, on the balcony).For those machines, balls and buckets that come with the baby every day on the street, they must be washed after each outing (as, indeed, and wheel carriages, sole botinochek).Prepare a soap solution or a good lather loofah (Mark separate from the foam) and wash away dirt from the toys (Reach the most remote places!).Then, dry them and Gather in a separate bag or backpack.Sort the toys to the ones that you can play at home, and those with which the crumb goes to the sandbox.Since the individual micro-organisms is too tenacious, use antibacterial soap, surely liquidating unwanted guests.

cope?Excellent!You will not only played great outdoors, but also to protect themselves from disease-causing bacteria, viruses, infections.It means the disease does not threaten you, and tomorrow you will walk the new discoveries and the sea.

Sometimes it is difficult to teach kids
to perform monotonous cases.But you try.Kids love all sorts of rituals and family traditions, in principle, willing to play by the rules.It is enough to turn a boring event fun.Here's how!With a straight face look at the little hands, consider, and say, they say, that's the place where accumulated harmful bacteria.We need to quickly get rid of them!Hurry to the bathroom.There voiced tiny enemy: "Oh, how terrible!I'm afraid of the water!What?Soap?Yes this is the most dangerous weapon against us! "Or" Where are you sending us?In stock?We just found a suitable boy! "The kid was filled with history?Then Compete who will be more lush foam.Naturally, the toddler will win.Then rinse your hands under running water.Buying soap, which will benefit the whole family, take the one that provides reliable protection against bacteria and microorganisms.For example, antibacterial soap Safeguard.It does not dry the skin, it has a pleasant flavor and is ideal for both children and adults.