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Secure perming hair

What is it and how to do it?

Perm became known to the world in the early 20th century, when the hairdresser Karl Nessler invented compound that allowed long curls to keep the shape.However, this tool is not different safety and health of the hair spoils.For a long time considered a perm procedure, which although makes hair curly, but not the best way affects their condition.Now the situation has changed radically.

First of all, perming hair - this is a task for professionals.In no case, someone should not put such experiments at home, it is better to go to the salon.First, the master must assess the condition of your hair, as fragile and weakened hair should not be subjected to additional stress.If your hair is in good condition, the wizard will choose one or another type of wave, because the way to curl your hair a lot, and there is no universal.
Moreover, it is important to test the sensitivity of the scalp to the drugs to be used for curling.Master did a test on a small area of ​​skin and little h
air of yarn.If the reaction is normal, the process can continue.
worth knowing that perm is not possible if you have used henna, hair bleaching recently.Do not make a wave, if you have just painted the hair of any paint, as under the influence of chemicals can change the color of the hair.

If your plans include and waving, and hairstyle, you must first make a perm and then give the hair shape.The time required for the emergence of resistant curls, depends on many factors - and of the drug used, and the type of hair, and the temperature in the room.Therefore it is recommended to drink a cup of hot tea before the procedure.Sometimes the effect of fixing the hair is heated special unit.After curling, hair should be slightly moist and elastic.If the locks are wet and will not hold the shape, then perm failed if curls are dry, so the drug overdone, and hair burnt.After a wave is necessary to use balms and masks, restores the structure of hair.After such an intense impact protection and nutrition they provide a beautiful appearance.

perm What to choose?

Since there are now several types of perm, it is necessary to carefully select the appropriate.
example, acid wave is considered to be the most resistant.It is able to curl even the most unruly straight hair.At the same time, it is also considered one of the most dangerous for the hair.Thin and dry hair perm such contraindicated.
Acid perm can be done with tioglekolevoy acid.This wave lasts only a month or two, after which the hair loses volume and elasticity of curls.But it spares the hair and therefore less harmful.

Alkaline perming hair lasts from three months before.If you want to achieve a natural, it is the best choice, because it is a way of making a wave-like natural curls.However, in heavy and hard hair perm such will not be held at all.

neutral perms are now very popular.Drugs that help strengthen hair, moisturize and strengthen the hair, so it is virtually harmless.

amino acid perm Hair contains proteins that further nourish the hair.On thin fluffy hair it will look natural.There is also a wave with silk proteins, biozaivki, waving to the lipid-protein complex.They do not hold half a year, but to a great extent protect and strengthen the hair, so the locks are not affected by aggressive components of the chemical composition.

form curls can be different.Curls can be small, medium or large.It depends on the properties of the hair, the face shape and taste preferences.Therefore, you can not only choose the way how to curl your hair, but also what will be the curls.

To perm last longer, the head can not be cleaned in the three days after it.It is necessary to use special shampoos and balms, which are recommended for permed hair.In addition, you need a soft round brush for hair styling, giving curls shine.

Chemical zavivka- is a good solution for the summer, because you do not have much time to spend on styling, and you'll look as if he had just come from the salon.Choosing the way a wave that is right for you, you'll be irresistible all year round.