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Hair whipped break down, fall

Why?Hair lacks power which they are given the sebaceous glands.Most often, they produce enough sebum, when you're sitting on a low calorie diet.The split ends also to blame for the wrong hair care: drying hot hair dryer, styling combs synthetic bristles.

What to do?Shear split ends, so that they continue not to delaminate.Do the procedure "hot scissors" - sealing of tips special firming composition.

Eat oily fish, such as salmon or salmon containing useful hair acid.Or replace fish fish oil capsules that are sold in pharmacies and then split the hair, just stop.

Wear with silicone, fixing the ends and then the hair just will not split.

hair fall out.

on hair comb is more than possible, and within medical standards for permissible loss of 30 to 100 hairs.

Why?At your age alopecia - so properly called alopecia - often associated with hormones, if a girl is greatly increased levels of male hormones estrogen, this may be the cause of hair loss.Typically, hormonal changes as a result of increased str

ess and physical exertion - remember this, when once again gather in the gym.

What to do?In addition to the therapeutic shampoos triholog appoint acupressure head kroobraschenie improving and enhancing the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles, and possibly pharmacopuncture - injections of drugs that restores hair and accelerates their growth.

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in Bioton, strengthens hair roots.

Wear recovery formula.


From head strewed white or yellow scales.Yellow, larger and feels greasy - a slight flick of the wrist to shoulder their smahnesh not.White flakes land and smaller, but falling from the head by a "snow" so clearly visible.

Why?In dandruff blame microscopic fungus that feeds on sebum and constantly requires additives, so the hair starts to hurt.As a result, over-voltage cells die prematurely become dry scales and crumble.

What to do?Triholog prescribe you a medicated shampoo neutralizes harmful fungus and ointment with sulfur, which exfoliates dry cells and they do not fall on the shoulders, but remain on the comb and the hair will be in excellent condition.

Eat rice, bread with pumpkin seeds that contain B vitamins

Wear zinc neutralizing the fungus.

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