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How to fight dandruff?

Studies conducted by scientists have been unable to find the reason for which there is dandruff and what is the reason?Dandruff begins to emerge when disturbed cellular metabolism, dead cells start dividing rapidly.If the skin of our scalp too dry and sebum by the sebaceous glands is not enough cells are collected subsequently appears on the skin and peeling.From there cross-section of the tips of the hair to become brittle and faded.

As a rule, we can for a long time not to notice it, but once appear unfavorable conditions for our body, it begins to manifest itself in the form of white flakes on the hair.Manifestation and the formation of this fungus can be many reasons.For example, adverse conditions of our environment, the lack of vitamins in the body, lack of sleep, nerves, fatigue, use of hormonal pills, and, of course, is not suitable to us shampoos and skin care and hair.Also, the reason can be your own personal hairdresser who simply forgot to disinfect the tools before you start working with yo
ur hair.As you can see, dandruff can be different.

When you have washed your head, and then feel itching, dandruff and began to crumble, so you have it dry.To moisturize the skin of your head, it is necessary to drink only boiled or filtered water, and mineral.Later, you can help to restore the body's normal balance of water.

There is another type of dandruff as it looks on the scalp rare and large, this is a greasy dandruff.It is less noticeable than on the hair is dry.It has a yellowish color, hair sticks together and is the source for the emergence of microbes feeding their.On the scalp there is inflammation, there is a greater loss of hair and if time does not stop and did not deal with this process the hair starts to thin out.Also, dandruff can lead to dermatological diseases.In this case, it is desirable to visit a dermatologist.

Many shampoos suspend the symptoms, but do not fight the fungus itself.Subsequently, the fungus adapts to your shampoo and begin to progress even faster.The best tool you can buy at the pharmacy, ask the pharmacist for a drug to combat dandruff asOnly he will be able to treat the fungus itself.Such drugs at a price, of course a little more expensive, but over time you will see the effect, if not for life, then for a long time that's for sure.

hair can also be treated with tincture of nettles.Take a tablespoon of dried nettle, chop and pour a glass of boiling water, let configure themselves during the day.After the strain and rub the night into the scalp three times a week, and in the morning wash shampoo for dandruff.

Using our tips, let your hair will gain strength and health!