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What causes hair loss

first cause of hair loss is the lack of iron in the body.Any woman during menstruation lose iron in the body, and if she is on a diet.Determine the lack of iron in the body can be of pale skin, drowsiness, weakness.Due to lack of iron in the body is hair loss.To know you miss him in the body or not, you can donate blood.And if the tests confirm the lack of iron in the body, then you should include in your diet plenty of foods contain iron.

second cause of hair loss is stress.Any woman, I think, noticed that after she nervous, she begins a problem with the hair.If stress is not frequent, the body recovers quickly, and loss of hair is restored.But if you experience frequent stress, you can cause hair loss to chronic disease.

third cause of hair loss is a reaction to medication.Taking the medicine, you should read the annotation and contraindications.And if you find yourself there, that this medicine promotes hair loss, talk to your doctor and ask him to be replaced by another medicine.

fourth cause of hair loss is the careless use of hair.This occurs when painting, perms, using curlers, hair dryer, all it spoils your hair and lead to hair loss.You must have at least sometimes to give your hair a rest.If you choose the wrong hair mask, it can also lead to loss of your hair.

Fifth cause of hair loss is menopause in women, as during pregnancy.The process of hair loss is due to an excess of male hormone, called testosterone.In this case, it is best to seek help from a specialist.

From this article you can learn about the causes of hair loss in women.

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