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Homemade recipes for hair masks

If you dream of a beautiful and healthy hair, the best means of protecting and caring for the hair, hair masks are considered, all these masks you can prepare at home.We offer you several types of home recipes for hair care.They will protect your hair from aggressive environments and deliver your hair shiny and silky appearance.

masks you can do, how much they need to care for the sick and how your hair.If they are very weak, you can make a mask 2 times a week.Well, if your hair is healthy, you can apply masks as prevention 1 time per month.

To achieve maximum results, hair mask is recommended to periodically change.Therefore, we'll tell you about the various hair masks.

If you decide to use our homemade recipes, you should be aware that the mask should be applied to the hair only freshly prepared and well pounded until smooth.Masks must be maintained on hair strictly at the time specified in the recipe, and after you have thoroughly washed your hair.

most effective and gentle hair masks are masks ma
de from clay.Clay masks can absorb pollution and to clean the scalp and hair, thereby stimulating microcirculation.Thus, giving the hair volume and did not aggravate them.

Home Recipes clay masks.

Prepare hair mask of clay is very simple.The clay can be purchased at any drug store, dry powder or paste.Dilute it in the proportions specified in the instructions to a thick consistency.Such masks must be done at least two times a week.Apply the mask to damp hair and held her on the head about 15 minutes.After gently massage the scalp and gradually wash away the clay.

homemade recipes of kefir or yogurt.

Liberally apply this compound and lightly rub it into the scalp and hair.After the film and cover your head with the top tie in the head with a towel.Keep the mask for 10-15 minutes.After time passes, rinse with water with the head of hair.

Use our masks and your hair will become strong and healthy.Good luck to you!

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