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How to care for your hair

Our hair is divided into primary (or vellus) and secondary.Primary hair grow all over his body.They no longer than two centimeters and thin.A secondary is divided into long (head, groin and genital area, the mustache and beard, armpits) and bristles (nose, ears, eyebrows and eyelashes).The thicker the hair, so it is harder.

Nowadays sold a lot of hair care products.Another procedure is to restore the texture of hair scalp massage.The use of shampoos also gives excellent results: they carefully clean the hair and scalp and remove all dirt.If you are bored with curls and ringlets, they easily straighten ironing, or, conversely, to wind curling.Even now common procedure for hair extensions, it allows you to make your hair thicker and longer.Also very important is the selection of a comb and conditioner further nourishes our hair.

Here are a few tips on how to care for their hair and make them beautiful and healthy:

1. The use of castor oil help grow hair healthy.

2. straightening and curling is only su
itable for thick and healthy hair.(If hair is thin, such procedures are contraindicated).

3. Wash hair brew their tea further strengthens.After this procedure, the hair will be less split and fall out.

4. Even if the means is very good, but it is not suitable for your hair type, it is better not to use it, as it may harm them.

5. Gentle massage stimulates the scalp and speeds up the process of hair growth.This is especially effective after cleansing.

6. Periodically trim the hair ends to prevent them section.If you have short hair, you must update the hair in 3-4 weeks.A woman with long hair need to cut the tips of at least every 8 weeks.

7. To strengthen the can rub into your hair and scalp with warm coconut oil and wrap your head with a warm towel, and an hour thoroughly rinse with shampoo.

8. Take good care of your hair - a pledge of beauty and health of the woman.

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