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Strengthening hair care brittle hair Split Ends

How to ensure the proper care of hair.
head massage with warm almond or olive oil.Take half a cup of clean water and two egg yolks, bring them into a cup of water.Use the mixture to massage the scalp and hair for 5-10 minutes.Leave it for a few minutes and rinse hair with warm water.Then rinse again with water and apple cider vinegar.If your hair is very dry, brittle, split help tincture of elderberry, parsley or sage is often used on curly hair, so that the moisture will be restored.Oily hair can be easily degreased using a solution made from lemon balm and other various herbs (rosemary, lavender, mint).

Then in the resulting solution is to add a spoonful of lavender oil on the basis of coke and a little heat.Massage in the evening will allow for the morning already see the result of your efforts.Soft hair, though dyshut their health.With long-term use normal balance of hair.The fatty acids that are good for the hair, you can extract, tincture of linseed oil, thereby accelerate the growth of hair.Su
ch a substance such as collagen be in silica.Through its use you can increase thyroid function and reduce hair loss.For the prevention and treatment of hair loss in ancient times used the grass pea (grandmother), herbal medicines are an opportunity to strengthen hair and prevent them from premature aging.Such procedures were used for centuries and are still used in our time.The plant Amla is very good effect on the acid balance of the head and hair.Tincture of this plant would make the hair shine and strength.Many doctors advise to have beautiful hair with no defects, you must drink plenty of water, unsweetened fruit juices and herbal teas.Minimize alcohol and stop smoking.

use of different shampoos.
After all, many of us use shampoo various companies purchased at a low cost and vice versa.The girls noticed that sometimes there is dandruff after use of a shampoo.And it's not just like that!All lies in the fact that the shampoo does not approach the acid balance of your head, and this leads to failure in cell division of the skin.To prevent this, you just need to replace your existing home shampoo.Quality shampoos depends on what ingredients used in its composition.Approximate to the natural components, such shampoos are more suitable for head and hair.While most of us offered shampoos, substandard, having banned chemicals that harm not only hair, but also throughout the body as a whole.Therefore, you must try to acquire such means for hair care that can protect and normalize the acid balance of the head, which will allow your hair to stop being brittle and split.