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Causes of hair loss and treatment

Now we will look at common causes of hair loss and treatment.
to determine what treatment is necessary, you first need to determine the cause of baldness.

So the causes of hair loss:

androgenetic alopecia - a hereditary cause.Susceptible to this disease more than men - 50%.Women are less frequently and hair loss appears most often after 40 years.
Changes in hormone levels - women because menopause is disturbed hormonal metabolism due to which thinning hair.
Pregnancy - Pregnancy is a change in the metabolism of women, for this reason, not only the hair fall out, but also leads to a lack of calcium in the body.As the baby was born the hair fall stopped.
Stress - is one of the most common cause of hair loss.Unfortunately, the reason for this difficulty is set, as the hair starts falling out in three to four months after the stress that is experienced people.Physical exercise as well as a very emotional state of the woman's body are recognized.
Fasting and diet - also cause hair loss, nutrition hugest
impact on the growth of hair as because of the hunger strike no longer do the nutrients necessary for normal functioning of our body.
Do not worry, all these reasons mentioned above, in addition to heredity, are easily eliminated.Treatment of the hereditary causes of hair loss can be solved only with the help of the transplant.

How to treat hair loss.

The most common way to strengthen the hair - hair tonic.In any store that specializes in this part, a huge selection of these funds.They must be used directly in the bath or applied to the hair after bath acceptance.Follow the instructions in the application, then the results will be seen.
Mask for hair - as a healing tonic substance, but it unlike the tonic needed to wash off after a few minutes.Very good tool for nutrition and moisturizing the hair from root to tip.
Medications - If you do not trust the cosmetology means, you can contact the pharmacy and you there is also a decent offer to eliminate this trouble.

Professional hair care, prone to hair loss, which is carried in the cabin:
- point massage - this massage acts on the point of the skin that provide a cluster of elements of the nervous system.
- the effect of heat - it termoprotsedura by that reach deep heating of the scalp, which is very positive effect on hair growth.
- mesotherapy - a method where the drug is injected directly to the medical needle in a place that is a hotbed of disease.It promotes the active influence of drugs on a specific area that is prone to hair loss.

And most importantly do not forget that healthy hair is a strong way depends on our food and prevent from stress.Fresh air, exercise and proper food- all this will enable us to improve our overall health.

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