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hair and scalp first need food.And if you have oily hair at the roots, and vice versa, dry on tips - should take urgent procedure.Well-groomed hair is talking about the many advantages and disadvantages of their owner.Therefore, in order to achieve the effect of fresh hair, be made as necessary to wash them, and apply special masks, conditioners and balms.What is the difference between the funds themselves?

Hair masks are primarily designed to restore damaged hair, which had been damaged by prolonged exposure to chemical procedures, including coloring, perming and styling use other available funds.Masks also fill the holes that are created when damaged hair follicle.Regular use of masks can give you back the previous condition of the hair.It is best to use a mask with natural ingredients.Using hair masks most of the women around the world have beautiful and healthy hair.

Hair conditioner, designed for as well as a mask to nourish the hair structure, and if the hair is fed with moisture, of course, t

hey will be more easy to comb wet and dry conditions.Air conditioners are often used together with a shampoo of the same manufacturer, therefore, can be said to have "double effect".

Hair balm almost no different from the air conditioner.They also nourish the hair and saturate them with moisture.
Today there are a large number of masks, conditioners, sprays and other means of struggling with oily scalp and dandruff.Dandruff refers only to a dry scalp.Dead skin cells begin to peel off, on, and to create a "white flakes".To prevent dandruff should begin to start to use cleansing shampoo and sprays.Such funds are sold in pharmacies in many cities.

Damaged hair is in need of more thorough and nutritional care.If you have damaged hair, permed or succumbed to staining, keep the hair.To care should also use special masks and balms for damaged hair.Sprays and gels for damaged hair are designed to protect the hair against heat dryer, tongs and curlers.Such means are applied to dry hair washed clean before use irons or hair dryer.Especially in our time become dangerous so-called hair iron.Their task is to create the hair straight line, or in other words - to align them.Most manufacturers of famous brands of hair care products offer a novelty hair iron: with ionizers, which do not allow the hair to burn under strong heating of the use of ironing.

Such procedures should be carried out with special styling tools that protect the scalp and hair from excessive overheating.Home
hair - grooming and health.That hair has always remained attractive and beautiful, should eat more vitamins, minerals and trace elements.Protect hair from the negative effects of the environment, for example, stroke or high winds.Always wear a hat in winter.

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