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The structure and the structure of the hair

To find out what the structure and the structure of your hair, you need to know what your hair.Curly, wavy, straight or African, thin or hard, dry or oily.In addition, we'll show you how to give your hair a luxurious look and keep this beauty for a long time.

structure of hair - is how your straight or wavy hair.Hair structure laid genetically.Status dryness or greasy hair may change over time.For example, in adolescents they are fat, 20 - 30 years, normal, and in 40 years they have been dried.On the condition of your hair can affect a variety of factors, for example care, lifestyle, environment and central heating.

structure determines their hair type - straight, wavy, curly or African.See how to look after your hair dry naturally and without the use of styling.

Straight hair.
Straight hair looks smooth and shiny, because the cuticle on the surface of the head adjacent to the bar and reflect light.In humid environments, such strands can be wavy, but after drying are straightened again.Straight hai
r is very beautiful as smooth, shiny curls - long and flying, gently raised, or even trimmed without filirovok.Do not use curling irons - curled ringlets straight, in such a way to have dinner.To enhance the natural shine straight hair regularly indulge their hot oil wrap.

curly hair.
Curly hair is very volumetric, and the shorter the haircut, the more distracting from curls hairstyle.Although wet hair look straight, after drying them again twisted into a spiral.Few people strands gently straighten the extent of regrowth - they are extended under its own weight.Curly hair is always the volume, so you will lush hairstyles.Short layered hairstyle may be too broad.Keep curly hair under control by using the straightening curls.

wavy hair.
wavy ringlets fall smoothly from the roots down and form a loose curls, curls are more noticeable on long hair.Some hairs resembling the letter S. Such hair is usually thick and hard.In the wet form of the comb or you can put straight, but if you give them to dry without a hair dryer, they will once again become wavy.Wavy hair is the most obedient and look good in a variety of hairstyles.You feel free to be laid as a vypryamlёnnye and curled locks regardless of their length - and you are short hair and long.If you want to show off in straight locks, use the serum for hair straighteners and tongs.

African hair.
African - hair grows in the form of tight curls.They look hard, because there are too many, but in fact such hair is very thin and soft.Take should be handled carefully, they are very fragile.Without the use of styling African hair dryer and are very bulky and soft.You can straighten your hair chemical straightening means, and make them shine - a lot of special tools for the light.