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Beautiful well-groomed hair

There are 3 types of hair.How to identify them?If your hair stay clean for 3 days - it means you are the owner of the normal type of hair.If the next day after washing - it means you have oily hair.A week and your hair stay clean, then we can speak about 3 type - dry hair.

How to improve the condition of the hair?The most basic means of hair care has been and remains the wash.For each type of hair needs a shampoo.Shampoo should be performed as often as necessary.If you type greasy hair, while washing water temperature should not be hot, otherwise it will cause the active production of sebaceous glands.To hair shone, were beautiful, it is recommended to wash them with cold water from the shampoo.

What are cosmetics for hair care?
on the market of a great many.It means to add volume to thin hair, tools, repair damaged hair, hair care products after the chemical treatment.There are tools to remove the dryness of the scalp.How to make sense of this diversity?

balms and conditioners are designed to satu
rate your hair with vitamins and minerals, they also give hair fluffiness.Moreover conditioners applied at the tips of the hair, and balms directly to the scalp and roots for food.Conditioners useful to us to facilitate combing hair, and to make the water softer.If the hair is in need of urgent medical treatment they need early recovery and nutrition, here come to the aid of all sorts of masks and lotions.There are also various fluids and serum, which nourish the hair and restore them just in 3 minutes.They do not need to rinse.Very good help rubbing the hair roots of burdock oil.It nourishes and revitalizes hair, gives them a smooth, hair begins to rapidly grow.

comb hair correctly is important too!
After shampooing should not directly use a comb, you must wait until the hair is dry or blow dry with cold air in the power saving mode.Also, cosmetologists do not recommend rubbing your hair with a towel.It is better to allow them to dry themselves, but if you hurry, then dry the hair dryer, but no closer than 60 cm from the head.

How to choose a comb?

It should not be metal.In the case of metal combs likely frequent breaking of hair.It is better to apply a wooden or plastic brush or comb.Start combing the hair with wide teeth.This will prevent hair entanglement.From the roots should be combed short hair and long - better with tips.Once or twice a month, get rid of split ends.

What hair care in the summer?
In the hot summer hair needs headdress.It may be different or panama hats.Sun protection creams help with UV - filter.If you are swimming in the sea, then be sure to rinse your hair with fresh water common to ducked out of the sand and salt.Try to do hair coloring is not more than 1 time per month.Use balms and masks.In this article you learned about how to make your hair was beautiful and well maintained.

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