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Mummies in cosmetology: benefit and harm for the skin and hair

But think every girl would be delighted if it found a universal tool that is not only healthier and improve the skin, but also helps split ends, or in the fight against cellulite.This tool exists, and many are likely to have heard about it - it's mummy.About how it helps this substance in cosmetics, as a mummy used in homemade masks and tonics and are there any side effects from its use, see below.

What mummy and what is its use?

Shilajit is a resinous substance of black color with a specific smell and bitter taste.As part of this material contains very useful material not only for outdoor use, but also for domestic.This whole complex of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, which perfectly treat diseases of the stomach and liver, allergies, pneumonia and bronchitis, not to mention colds and flu.From recently become widespread release tablets, but judging by the reviews of doctors and ordinary people, then it becomes clear that a special wing of the tablet version does not

.Therefore, it is recommendable to buy the mummy in its natural form.

Describes what mummy and how best to apply.

Funds from the mummy for the face and hands

If we talk about applied externally, this medicinal substance widely used for cosmetic purposes.Shilajit has the effect of moisture, suspenders, velvety skin, relieves inflammation.The resin may be added in cream, lotions, tonics, dissolved in water, and after freeze wiping.It will be useful with the addition of honey mummy mask.3 tablespoons honey is one teaspoon of resin to withstand this composition on the face should be about 20 minutes.Do twice a month.The only drawback of this material is that after application, the skin is one shade darker, so try not to overdo.

Mummy hair

Speaking of hair, then the resin is already a couple of months your hair will transform beyond recognition - they will become more obedient, thick and bulky.There are two ways of use.The first is that two teaspoons mummy simply add to a vial with a conditioner for hair, use as described on the package.

second way to recovery of hair - a mask.Shilajit can be added to yogurt or sour cream (for one glass of milk product one tablespoon of resin).Surviving this composition need about an hour for polyethylene.After a rinse with warm water.

Magic effect mummy hair, and how to use it.

Mummies in order to lose weight and fight stretch marks

Recently about this matter began with enthusiasm to talk about what it is able to break down cellulite and significantly deal with stretch marks.To do this, use a clean product without any impurities.Application: Apply to problem areas and begin to rub resin fingertips, after a short massage wraps this part of cling film, and so we go 15-20 minutes, then wash off with warm water.Soaking more than an hour is not highly recommend, as a pigment of this substance is not so easy to wash off.

Proper use of the mummy in the fight against stretch marks.

We have given you a few of the most popular ways to use the mummy in cosmetology.Many women have already experienced the positive effect of these procedures, try it and you!