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How to choose a wedding bouquet

attention that attracts the bridal bouquet, does not allow disparagingly treat his choice, which is usually entrusted to skilled florists, because of how well it will be harmoniously matched to the appearance of the bride, will depend on the mood, withshe goes to the altar.

why florists today are very responsible and thorough approach to the choice of material for the bridal bouquet and to its development.And in this work is not fine detail, it is important to all - hair color, eyes, skin bride, color and style of the wedding dress, and even the nature of the bride may be important to compile a wedding bouquet.

history of bridal bouquet.The appearance of this today a mandatory attribute of any modern bride is not associated with quite so distant past.The tradition of decorating the bride flowers of orange tree (a type of wild orange) originated in Europe in the XVIII century and then firmly entrenched during the wedding ceremony.I modify it reached our days as artificial flowers - "orange blossom" (

literally translated from French - "orange flower"), which are usually fixed to the bride's veil.

Little cute round bouquets composed usually of short roses in various shades, which have reached our time, appeared in the late XIX century and are known as bouquet-rococo .As part of this bouquet often have portbuketnitse - plastic base, which houses gubka- "oasis".

At the beginning of the XX century in the hands of the brides of the era were long bunches, so-called bouquets waterfalls.Fashionistas then picked for such a bouquet of flowers with long stems and bouquets are kept in front of him with both hands below the waist.The length of this bouquet could reach a meter.

Strict bouquet long been common in the 20s of the last century.He component of flowers on long stalks, which only served as a concise ornament bow which tie up the flowers.Such bouquet bride holding hands along.

Nowadays, in addition to the above forms of flowers, come down to us from past centuries, there are plenty of options for setting the wedding bouquets.

Bouquet-basket, usually made of fresh flowers: woven basket in which to place the bride's favorite flowers.

Bouquet drop- up, twisting flowers around the edges of the folded web to form the bouquet was an arc, which is on top of large braid colors that go down into smaller ones.

special love modern brides won bouquet-clutch, which is usually worn on the hand, and the popularity of the bunch proved by the fact that many of today's wedding dresses designers provides special loop for these flowers!This tab allows you to put in it a bouquet, the bride is required to release the hand, for example, to put his signature in the registry office, or sip a glass of champagne.

However, the fashion for wedding bouquets is not in place, and now widely becoming more and more bizarre and unexpected works of florists. most fashionable now considered bouquets type "glameliya" and "lilimeliya" .To create a bouquet florist require not only flowers, but also a special glue.Compiled a bouquet of flowers is not from whole, and from their petals, which scrupulously florist, fixing with glue, collect into one big flower.A distinctive feature of these flowers is that going to such bouquets of flowers of one species, and which was used at the heart of a flower bouquet, it is easy to guess from the title of the bouquet.For example, "Glameliyu" made from the petals of gladiolus, "lilimeliyu" - from the petals of a lily.These bouquets can be prepared from a wide variety of colors, as only enough imagination and skill florist.The cost of such works of art, of course, much higher than the price of conventional wedding bouquets, but what you will not go for the sake of the desire to look fashionable and poryazit others in the most important day of your life.

How to avoid mistakes when choosing a wedding bouquet. Here are some helpful tips to follow to help avoid the most common mistakes when choosing a wedding bouquet.

First of all, we should not be the composition of the wedding bouquet of flowers with a pungent odor and strong - it can be frustrating as the others, and the bride may feel discomfort from such unpleasant "neighborhood", which also will be prolonged.

Mindful of creating maximum comfort for the bride, it is not necessary to do a bunch too heavy - in fact the bride will have to keep it in the hands of more than one hour of the wedding ceremony.

Well, one of the important rules, which must be remembered - the main person of the wedding ceremony, which attracted worldwide attention - it's still a bride, not a masterpiece flower in her hand, so the bridal bouquet can be a luxury, but can -laconic, but in any case it should be appropriate in the overall picture of the image of the bride and emphasize, not overshadow its beauty.

How to choose a bridal bouquet?Now that you know all about it!

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