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Where to go in honeymoon

for happiness in family life here made to feel his chest "statue of Juliet in Verona, kiss, sailing under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, and drink from tubes together lovers of the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Although the couple rarely leave the room (champagne it bringsstaff), you should choose a place pozhivopisnee. Let him view from the window is beautiful. For example, Romeo Naples Hotel is at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. Honeymooners there fed with chocolate heart and is soaked in the spa. Paris is the most romantic place on the planet. If you kiss the stone sphinxat the tomb of Oscar Wilde at the Pere Lachaise cemetery, the love to the grave guarantee from the bustling Paris go to Grasse - perfume capital of the world. Here you can stay at La Bastide Saint Antoine. It offers love to walk in the garden and soak in the hot tub overlooking thejasmine fields. And, of course, help guests create their own personal perfume. In the Spanish town of Teruel lovers stop in Barcelona Hotel Omm.Spa hotel uses only o

ne hundred percent natural products.Even if your husband is not a fan of cosmetic procedures, he will not give up visits to the gravity of the room where special beds sway in a special way, thereby creating the impression that the Earth's gravity on the body is almost no effect.Yet to be weightless, but funny.Where to go in honeymoon and how to spend it memorable?

Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic

your version honeymoon - islands of isolated space and a lot of relaxation.The Maldives in the Indian Ocean (8 hours flight) - a well-known paradise for lovers of the world.The island has two main equipped to inspect the corals and beautiful fish snorkeling or diving equipment or go to a spa.Treatments beauty deserve special mention.Huge selection, delightful service - this can be found on many islands and beyond.But the spa under water - only in the Maldives.It is this wonder of the world at the Huvafen Fushi SPA Resort on the island of Nakatchafushi North Male Atoll.You can take the pair procedure with an ocean view.Local nature (it is exactly as advertising pictures - white sand, bright blue sea and calming green palms) sets a romantic and philosophical mood.Walking barefoot on the sand, holding hands, talk endlessly about everything, or silent, understanding each other without words - no doubt you will enjoy.We are ready to go even further?Valentine waiting for Jamaica.14 hours - and you flounder legs in the Caribbean.Jamaica - a green island, where the sounds of reggae everywhere really.The hotel staff, proznav that they take the newlyweds will try to turn your vacation into an endless tale with songs and dances.Jamaica specializes in wedding ceremonies - a marriage made on the island, is recognized in Russia (most importantly, 4 weeks to announce his intention to the special service of the hotel).But, if you are married, do not worry, because you can order a nice symbolic ritual.It is conducted at sunset in the gazebo by the ocean.Candles, flowers, sweets Jamaican specialties.And then - a spa program for newlyweds - a bath with a stellar apple, orange juice and condensed milk ....

Mauritius, Bora Bora, Fiji, Bali

If you could not set a date for the wedding because of mismatched schedules meetings, you urgently need to reboot - ecotour, and the closer to nature, the better.In this sense, an unexpected decision may be ...


This is where the celebration of ecology!The Swedish hotel even room key will not be a plastic card - tape pasted on a wooden box.For example, you can stay at the "Riksgränsen Alpine Spa."It is located above the Arctic Circle, and the arsenal of the local spa Masters - technique Sami.If your spouse is not a fan of massages and body wraps, he will be given skiing - snow here is almost all year round.Resort Suderhelsan on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea lures tourists with ecologically pure products.A spa center is open to renewable energy: solar, wind and geothermal!However, ekootpusk - it is also the time spent usefully!For example, on a farm, where it is necessary to get up at dawn to feed the pigs, to send to pasture goats, horses, brush, chipped extension to the kitchen, etc.For such entertainment can recover in Norway.A place to relax, you can choose depending on the delicacy from civilized places in the barn just drive on a trip to rural houses, where you will work hard, rolling up his sleeves.

Austria, Italy, Israel, Chile, Austria, Estonia

in the mountains, hiking and kayaking ever know whether this overgrown beard and mustache man in a padded jacket - your significant other.What is extreme you prefer?Trekking, hiking, rafting?The mass of options.If you and your husband set up patriotic, you can go to Karelia.Local travel agencies offer a lot of extreme adventures, including kayaking, catamaran sailing and kayaking.I want something hotter?What about the volcano?Etna - the highest active volcano in Europe.It located in Italy.The trip to the crater and you can go together, but still better to take a guide.You think this is an option for sissies?Yes, please - an extreme tour with survival programs in Namibia.Typically, a program consists of several parts.First, you bring in a comfortable hotel, which will satellite TV, internet and a spa.A couple of days will be placed in the tent camp, where the locals come - San People.They tell you how to make fire, set traps for birds show, which roots can be chewed, and what - is not necessary in any case.Finally, a couple of days in the African bush.Depending on your mood may be extreme to live in a tent with water and food, and it is possible - without water, without food and settling down for the night under the open sky.If your husband is noble, it is in a critical situation, he probably will offer you eat my leg.Then you return to civilization, washed clean, fed and dumped in the Etosha National Park to see the wild animals at the watering.

Ecuador, Chile, Elbrus, Altay

Not every pair of happy newlyweds can fly away from the wipe tears of emotion friends and relatives immediately after the word "agree".But the problem with the vouchers, passports, evil bosses can not stand in the way of the senses.Romantic program you can organize without leaving their hometown.What's there to the city - the apartment!However, what it do, and you know.And we will help with the exemplary schedule home honey week.Keep in mind, the item "execution of marital debt" is not listed, but it is assumed in any free minute, and sometimes replaces a full day program.Start with relaxation.Whatever thought or had a wedding the next day, most newlyweds spend in the "handle with care".So, it is necessary to recover and return a blossoming pre-wedding appearance.The perfect solution - a spa at home.If you stay at least a little power, then by means of home care can be arranged to each other massages, body wraps and other promazyvaniya oil.To completely exhausted - a spa for home delivery.Specially trained people come into the apartment with incense, candles, and even massage tables.The path to the heart of any man, not only men, usually is through his stomach, yet the food - a basic value.The honeymoon cooking soup and pie molding banned.But the daily trips to restaurants and delivery of sushi and pizza - not an option.By the process should be approached creatively.For example, go for a culinary master class.What is nice, it is not only taught the tricks of cooking blancmange and select rice rolls "California", and then feed the students so that they themselves have made.On the one hand, use the other - great food, with the third - entertainment.Life is boring when there is no adventure!And if the will of the circumstances you are only limited by hometown, do not wait until you find adventure - look for them yourself!Or even organize.Scripts quests and urban games easy to find on the web, as well as like-minded people.It's a great way to spend time, and to test the viability of your team, find out who's leading who are driven, who at the decisive moment falls into a stupor, and someone - turns into adrenaline genius.To make the most reproduce the atmosphere of rest, go on a tour.Of course, in your town probably is not the balcony of Juliet, the Wailing Wall and even overlooked the Leaning Tower.But there is a place of your first kiss, a restaurant where her husband made a proposal, a court in which you broke my knee.Let each of you will make your tour.And the city and a favorite to open from the most unexpected side.Arrange extreme day.For some, the adrenaline - is roller skating, for others - a parachute jump.But the couple is still better to choose the type of combining adventure.For example, diving.Skill helpful, handy when you come to the Maldives.Also, pairs of perfect climbing on the climbing gym - let her husband make out the bottom, what is your elastic ass!Ecotour does not have to take place in exotic destinations.Fresh air is, and in the country.The main thing - remember the features of the ecotourists.First, the rest should not harm nature: the fry and bake potatoes in the coals on the grill you need, not a fire on the ground.Secondly, ecotourists eat local food - that has grown in the country, or sold at the nearest market.Third, ecotourists take care of smaller brothers.In this weekend, you can look to the zoo and take care of the African dormouse, build bird feeders, feed the ducks in the pond.

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